RDR2 Photo Mode Screenshot Impresses Even Developer Rockstar Games

A fan’s Red Dead Redemption 2 screenshot in photo mode made in the game’s photo mode earned a nod of approval from even the developer, Rockstar Games.

Outlaws often roam the dusty hills of Red Dead Redemption 2‘s fictional west, but they look quite good while doing it. One fan’s photo of such an outlaw awed fans and even the developers, Rockstar Games with its amazing lighting and contrast. The photo was taken thanks to Red Dead Redemption 2‘s photo mode, which has given fans plenty of opportunities to capture the vast wildlife and landscapes. In this case, however, it depicts a lone outlaw on horseback in the middle of one of Red Dead Redemption 2‘s many western towns.

Red Dead Redemption 2 is the sequel to Rockstar’s incredibly popular and immersive western action-adventure game, Red Dead Redemption. Players get to explore the vast, open-world of the old west. After completing the main story quest, players are left to their own devices to explore the canyons, mountains, and small towns of the world. More than two years after release, the photo mode has given players more reason to keep exploring and finding new, beautiful places to capture. One enterprising player even managed to recreate the iconic Red Dead Redemption‘s cover art in the sequel using photo mode.

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In this case, a player who goes by tecigamingshots on Twitter shared an incredible screenshot that he took in Red Dead Redemption 2. Titled “Outlaw,” the image depicts a lone gunman on horseback in the middle of a town at night. Illuminated by some fire in the background, all the audience can see is the outlaw’s silhouette. Still, the contrast is gorgeous. It was impressive enough that Rockstar Games even retweeted the screenshot.

Just over a day after it was posted on Twitter, the screenshot has received 1,700 likes, showing that Red Dead Redemption 2 fans recognize the skill that was needed to make this shot possible. Even with photo mode, it will often take players a lot of time to properly position the subject just so the lighting fits. With various NPCs always running around, just waiting to mess up a shot, when a picture comes out looking this good it’s almost a miracle.

Pictures like this, and the fan response to it, show why Red Dead Redemption 2 remains such a beloved title by fans. The game itself is not only technically sound, but the story is also tight and features compelling characters. The fact that players are still going back to the world of Red Dead Redemption 2, even years after its initial release (and after they have likely beaten the game), is the greatest testament to the quality of Rockstar’s work.

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Source: tecigamingshots/Twitter


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