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Randy Oaks Total Assets: Randy Oaks is an American actress and model with a net worth of $ 3 million. It is a joint net worth since 1980 with her husband, fellow actor Gregory Harrison. She is best known for starring as Officer Bonnie Clarke on the TV series CHiPs.

Randy Oaks was born in August 1951 in Sumer, Iowa. She married Gregory Harrison in 1980. Oakes made his acting debut in the film Acapulco Gold and in 1976 in the TV series McCloud and Delvecchio, as well as in the TV film Twin Detective. In 1977 she starred in the television series Rosetti and Ryan as Georgia. Randy Oaks starred as Officer Bonnie Clarke on the series CHPPs from 1977 to 1982. He has also appeared in films, TV movies and TV series including Telethon, Switch, Deadman’s Curve, Battlestar Galactica, Sword of Justice, David Cassidy – Man Undercover, B.J. And Bayer, Barnaby Jones, The Love Boat, Fantasy Island, Masquerade, Glow and Lover and Other Strangers.

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