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Rabbit Garden Problems – Throwing In The Trowel To Rabbits In Summer

I love bunnies. They are adorable and tender-looking creatures that symbolize Easter and childhood books like Peter Rabbit. But I don’t love them in my garden. They are now on my list of enemies and have greatly damaged my landscape. The sneaky little things proved better for me despite my best efforts. This is war.

Rabbit garden problems

The word on the street is that a neighbor nearby kept rabbits and then got sick of them and let them out. This is how a black and white couple became the plague on the street. It all started innocently enough. I saw them while I was out doing chores and they just seemed to nibble on the longer parts of the grass. Not a big deal, just less to mow and they were fascinating. Slowly, insidiously, the rabbit’s damage became evident. They weren’t just eating grass, they were expanding their palates, right at night when I wasn’t looking.

The first signs of problems in the rabbit garden were some vegetables. I completely ate young plants which I initially picked up to earthworms. Subsequently, some new blueberries were removed from their budding buds like a butcher’s chop. The last straw was with my sowing, and I was a baby for two years, young passion vines. One day they were there and the next they weren’t. It took two years to get them out into the garden and they had just gone! I was incensed. It was time to find the culprit.

I’m not a GI Jane but, yes, I ordered binoculars for night vision. In the evening I started skulking in the house near the window, but before going to bed I had not seen anything. It was time to change my sleep schedule and stay awake longer. Patrolling the garden at night has become a ritual, but one that has just developed into insomnia and has not produced anything profitable. Until a fateful night when I saw the blurry devils. They were merrily enjoying themselves in my garden, with their innocent twitching mustache and captivating eyes.

Manage rabbits in the summer

Now I had verified the cause of the damage, but I needed a plan to stop the problem in its cute little tracks. I couldn’t kill them and I didn’t have traps. What could I do? Obviously, I needed to check the rabbits and the garden plants needed protection. The garden must become a fortress. Close all the holes in the fence line, put cages around my bushes and trees, plant booster plants, spray rabbit repellent. I was alert but to no avail. The bunnies have still managed to enter, perhaps by digging a tunnel (do bunny tunnels?).

There is a saying that “what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger”. There is also a quote that “madness is always doing the same thing and expecting a different result”. I didn’t want to go crazy, yet I didn’t feel stronger. It was time to change mental health. It was time to make friends with the summer bunnies.

So now I’m crying enough for all of us, including rabbits. I try to choose plants that rabbits don’t eat outside the fence. I still spray, I still make small fences, but I’m at peace with the fact that the rabbits have won. I withdrew my night vision glasses and I go to bed happy with the fact that I am feeding these pets of the past and I am calm. The summer garden is still growing!

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