What is the net worth of R3hab?

Total Price: $ 1 million
Ages 34
Arising: 2 April, 1986
country of origin: Netherlands
Sources of funds: Professional dj
Last Updated: 2020


R3hab is a Dutch-Moroccan DJ, record producer and re-mixer from Breda.

R3hab has produced two full studio albums, ‘Trouble’ and ‘The Wave’ and in 2018, R3hab was ranked 12th in the DJ Mag Top 100 DJs in the world.

By 2020, R3hab’s total assets are estimated to be around $ 1 million.

early life

Fadil El Ghoul was born on 2 April 1986 in Breda, Netherlands.

Ghoul began his career in late 2007, while producing the track ‘Mrkrstft,’ which was remixed by fellow Breda DJ Hardwell.

Earlier in his career, he was known for his mix, which featured a mix of ‘Alive’ by Winnie Vicky.

The business

R3hab is one of the most famous Dutch house artists. His work ranges from progressive and large room houses to traps, with darker edges inspired by psoriasis and gabber.

He has released several charting singles, remixed songs by Rihanna, Calvin Harris, and Lady Gaga, toured around the world multiple times and earned notice as one of the top global mixers from DJ Mag.

R3hab made his debut in 2008, producing the track ‘Microstroft’ for Hardwell. He re-worked with Hardwell for ‘Blue Magic’ in 2009, and worked with Afrozac in 2011’s ‘Aces High (Prueta)’.

In 2012, she was commissioned for remix artists such as Jennifer Lopez, Madonna, Katy Perry, etc. She was also featured on Havana Brown’s international hit ‘Big Banana’, which reached number one on Billboard’s Dance Club Songs chart. Gone.

In 2016, he teamed up with R&B singer Siora for the single ‘Get Up’. Later in the year, ‘Icarus’ became R3hab’s first single to top the Billboard Dance Club Songs chart.

By 2020, R3hab’s total assets are estimated to be $ 1 million.


Here are some of the best highlights of R3hab’s career:

  • Bernin (song, 2014)
  • Trouble (album, 2017)
  • Lori (song, 2018)
  • The Wave (album, 2018)

Favorite Quotes from R3hab

“I think it’s very refreshing in Asia. The entire movement of dance music is very new. A lot of people think this is like the first two years of their festival visit. This is a new type of energy, if it makes sense, like how EDC Las Vegas first came into being. ” – R3hab

“It’s special when people make it personal for you, like fans in Japan and China, make pillows – those kinds of things that make it very special because people put a lot of effort into making you something special. Especially so Because there’s so much online, and when you see that feeling in real life. It’s great. ” – R3hab

He said, “I would love to play Lolapapuja in South America. that sounds exciting. Collectiveness, great lineup, but also a lot of excitement in the South American crowd. Very energetic, “Caliente.” – R3hab

“Lori” is one of the set’s closers because it is highly energetic, uplifting. Then I have a good interconnection with “The Wave”, which is more emotional. It is a roller coaster ride; It is all over the place, which is life in general, there is hope. Life must be turbulent with emotion and has its highs and lows. ” – R3hab

3 life lessons from R3hab

Now that you know about R3hab’s total assets and how he achieved success; Let’s have a look at some of the lessons we can learn from:

1. It’s OK to be a Thinker

If you are a “VIP” or know someone, then understand that this is not a bad thing. It’s simply the way someone’s brain works, and they can’t change it at all. All we can do is accept and embrace it.

2. Our Relationship with Our Self

It’s tough – it’s hard to keep prioritizing yourself. So it helps to think of it as a relationship. Every relationship in our lives requires constant time to keep it in a good place… including ourselves.

3. Everything

Every moment, every decision we make, every action we do, every reaction we have – there is nothing out of it. Because we will see it again, it will come back in a different form, a blessing, a hardship, a lesson, but it always comes back. So all that matters.


R3hab is one of the best-known DJs in the music industry, and has collaborated with stars such as ZAYN, Maluma, Steve Aoki, Liam Payne, and Vini Vici.

As of 2020, R3hab has total assets of approximately $ 1 million.

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