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R Kelly Says He Owes Almost $2M To The IRS In Filing Requesting Release From Prison

R Kelly Says He Owes Almost $2M To The IRS In Filing Requesting Release From Prison

Singer R Kelly is one of many inmates in correctional facilities in America who is now at an increased risk for catching the coronavirus. His first request for release has already been denied by a judge who clearly accepted prosecutors’ argument that Kelly poses a “risk of absconding”, but in a second dive to try to get their client out, Kelly’s lawyers have argues that it was in fact not a risk of absconding, as it is roughly broken – and owes nearly $ 2 million to the IRS.

TMZ reports that the deposits put Kelly’s IRS tab at $ 1,878,737.43, which is cited as further evidence that Kelly does not have the financial resources to seriously flee the country to escape the rest of her sentence.

R Kelly Says He Owes Almost $2M To The IRS
R Kelly Says He Owes Almost $2M To The IRS

Prosecutors tend to think the opposite, claiming that Kelly is still doing well enough for himself and that he has earned $ 200,000 in music royalties in the past four months alone. But Kelly’s lawyers say it’s not as much as it sounds, especially after his agents and other parties involved have taken their cuts. And, they say, this is a moot point anyway, because Kelly’s large tax debt means that the IRS has granted a lien on her income.

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And even that doesn’t really matter for the main problem to be solved, say Kelly’s lawyers. The record notes that Kelly “made no attempt to flee” when he was about to be arrested for sexual misconduct, and that he “never failed to appear” on any of his dates. audience. This, plus his restricted financial assets as part of his release deal, adds to the argument that he is in no danger of running away from justice while fleeing from the coronavirus.

Now it’s up to a Chicago judge to decide if Kelly can be temporarily released.

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