Quicksilver Originally Forbid Scarlet Witch From Loving Vision

Quicksilver wasn’t a big fan of his sister the Scarlet Witch falling in love with Vision as he initially opposed the iconic pairing’s relationship.

Quicksilver was initially very opposed to one of Marvel’s greatest romances, as he originally wasn’t a fan of his sister Scarlet Witch and Vision getting together. In one particular instance, Pietro Maximoff actually forbid his magical sister Wanda from loving the android and made it be known he was not cool with the pairing in one of the most hypocritical moments in comic history.

Scarlet Witch and Vision have been together in the comics for nearly half a century, with their romance dating back to Avengers #91 (1963). Magneto’s daughter and the android, famously created by Ultron, would become a super couple in the Marvel Comics Universe, as their unlikely pairing has stood the test of time. Their heartbreaking, complex romance was adapted on the big screen in the Marvel Cinematic Universe and further explored in the recent Disney+ series WandaVision. However, in the comics, one of the biggest adversaries against Vison and Scarlet Witch was her hot-headed brother Pietro.

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In Avengers #110 by Steve Englehart, Don Heck, Frank Giacoia, Roy Thomas, and Mike Esposito, Quicksilver returns to the Avengers after he was thought to be dead, revealing that after nearly being killed by Sentinels, he was saved by the Inhuman Crystal – and the pair fell in love and intended on getting married. Wanda is happy for her brother and tells him that both she and the Vision have professed their love for each other. Pietro responds by calling their love a “travesty.”

Quicksilver calls the romance “wrong” while forbidding Wanda from getting involved with a robot. Wanda snaps back and tells him that Vision is more human than he will ever be as Pietro leaves and says to call him “when you come to your senses.” It’s extremely awkward, as the Avengers just watch embarrassed – as Cap even is perplexed, saying Quicksilver and Vision lived under the same roof at one point.

The moment shows how selfish Pietro was. Wanda is nothing but happy for her brother when he returns and tells the Avengers he’s marrying Crystal. However, when she tells him her own happy news, he throws a tantrum, forbids the romance, and leaves. It’s extremely hypocritical that he expects his sister to accept his romance – which she does – while he is ignorant about hers. Quicksilver has long been portrayed as a jerk in the comics, but telling Wanda what she can and can’t do might be the nastiest thing he’s ever done to his sister. Thankfully, she didn’t listen and Scarlet Witch and Vision‘s relationship would blossom into one of Marvel’s greatest romances ever.

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