Queen Elizabeth in lockdown is comforted by her grandchildren

The Royals also go into lockdown: Elizabeth II has been in solitary confinement since 19 March at Windsor Castle together with her consort, Prince Philip, and twenty-two staff members. This is a necessary precautionary measure, given the age of the English sovereign. Being unable to receive visits from outside, and not being able to participate in official events of any kind, nor showing off her outfits and her famous handbags, she tries to stay in touch, thanks to phone calls and video calls, with her loved ones , and in particular with i grandchildren George, Charlotte and Louis, the three sons of Kate, Duchess of Cambridge, and Prince William, who all live in the Norfolk residence with the Spanish nanny Maria Teresa Borrallo, in Kate’s dream team.

The princes play in the garden with dad William on his birthday

And apparently, reveal an internal source, the three princes have a new passion, gardening, born after visiting the mother’s garden, Back to Nature, at the Chelsea Flower Show last year. Each of them has their own small plot of land, which is watered with diligence and which the three take care of with mini garden tools, from the watering can to the rake and gloves. Louis, who is only two years old, has so far only been equipped with a bucket for collection, and everyone is happy and enthusiastic about the result of their labors: fruit, flowers and vegetables. Above all, it seems, they are crazy about strawberries. The great-grandmother Elisabetta is kept informed of all the businesses of the small gardeners, emulators of mom Kate and grandfather Carlo, whose environmental commitment and love for Nature are known https://www.vogue.it/news/article / principe-carlo-visit-organic-farm.


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