Queen Elizabeth II, the story of the coronation dress

Queen Elizabeth II, the story of the coronation dress

It is June 2, 1953 when Elizabeth II is crowned Queen: for the first time this type of historical event, the one that marks the transition to the new monarch, is broadcast on television. The girl is only 27 years old and still did not know that her throne would be the longest-lived in British history.

Everyone remembers wearing it crown of the Imperial State, of the great-grandmother Vittoria, rich in 2,868 diamonds, 273 pearls and in the center the ruby ​​of the Black Prince: a very precious and imposing piece on the slender figure. The dress worn by Her Majesty is a head of the royal stylist Norman Hartnell: a sumptuous cream-colored silk dress characterized by gold and silver embroidery, where the national emblems of the United Kingdom and those of the Commonwealth stand out.

On the left side, few have noticed the quatrefoil, embroidered on the left side, that his hand would touch the whole day. The royal dress was personally chosen by Queen Elizabeth II, the favorite among the nine proposals of the couturier.

The Queens Coronation 1953, London exhibition of 2013

© Oli Scarff

Before crossing the abbey, the six bridesmaids covered Elizabeth II’s shoulders with the red velvet cape edged with ermine, 5 and a half meters long.

Queen Elizabeth II with the six bridesmaids

© Universal History Archive

Norman Hartnell had one conservative style, perfect if we think of the rigid protocol of the royal family: always below the knee length, straight-cut one-piece dresses, rigorous suits and suits with blouses to be slipped back into the skirt. An interesting detail concerns the hem, often reinforced with seals to make it fall flawlessly: in the case of the coronation dress, the high edge, the padded lining and the redundancy of the embroidery, all made by hand, have created a precise weight and volume.

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