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Puri The World in its Own

Unlike most travel destinations, Puri is a mix of traditional and pleasant beaches that seem to grow on you as the day’s pass. A short Jet Airways flight will take you to the capital city of Bhubaneshwar and an hour’s drive will help you reach Puri.


Accommodation can be tricky unless you book your Hotels in Puri online. You can simply give your registration details to the front desk and let the bellboy carry your luggage to your room.

Puri Beach

Known as a Hindu sacred place, the Puri Beach is a must visit the location and one of the most popular attractions for all beach lovers of all shapes and sizes! Along the coastal stretches, you can find white sands and shimmering waves that give surfing enthusiasts their daily dose of adrenaline rush. From long strolls along the impressive coastline to collecting souvenir shells, the Puri Beach will finally welcome you to its year-long shopping experiences. You can look forward to spending hours marveling at the works of the well-known Sudarsan Pattnaik.

Puri Beach

Wake up early and enjoy Balighai Beach’s Olive Ridley turtles as they lay their eggs on the sands this winter. Watch the little turtles hatch as they break free and paddle to shore. In time you will cheer for the little guys and after discussing the matter with a  few nature conservationists, you might have saved a few Olive Ridley turtles in the process!

Puri Chilika Lake

Chilika Lake

At the Chilika Lake, you find yourself amidst brackish waters that contain birds that are native to the region, 14 types of raptor, 152 rare and endangered Irrawaddy dolphins and lagoons with over 37 types of reptiles and amphibians. This lake is unique as it comprises of rich marine and bird life that flock to the region to carry on their solitary lives. Don’t forget to watch out for dolphins and other sea life as you set sail and become one with nature and travel out into the open sea. As time seems to slow to a halt, don’t lose sight of those dolphins as they dot the waters and escape from sight.

As dusk falls, travel to the Puri Jagannath, a Lingaraj temple and feel the presence of the Almighty descend upon you. Encompass yourself with its beautiful paintings and images of Lord Jagannath that transcend you into another world. After Darshan, spend time offering food and continue your prayerful journey as the queues seem to shorten as the evening turns to nightfall.
Puri life and travel

A fun filled trip will highlight Odisha’s rich culture as you are engulfed by the untouched endless beauty. Several heritage sculptures and workshops will allow you to shape your own history and build on a more than 5000-year-old heritage. Let your mind be opened to serene, clear and pristine environments. Puri is simply the world on its own as you take away a sense of peace, enjoyment and fulfilment.

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