PS5 Has Already Passed PS Vita, Wii U, & Dreamcast Lifetime Sales In UK

UK PlayStation 5 sales have already reportedly surpassed lifetime sales of systems like the PS Vita, Wii U and Sega Dreamcast.

UK sales from Playstation 5 would have eclipsed lifetime sales of systems like the PS Vita, Wii U, and Sega Dreamcast. Sony’s latest console got off to an incredible start in the UK, breaking records to become the best-selling console in UK history – an honor previously held by the PlayStation 4.

Video games chronicle this was revealed in a report a few weeks after the new consoles were released on store shelves. As of November 2013, the PS4 moved around 250,000 units in its first 48 hours in the UK market. Specific sales figures are not known, but according to VGC, the same 48-hour window last November saw PS5 sales figures exceed 250,000 units. Meanwhile, the Xbox Series X | S managed to sell through 155,000 consoles on day one, becoming the fifth best-selling console in the UK after the PS3, PSP, PS4 and PS5. And despite the ongoing stock shortage, the latest PlayStation console performs exceptionally well in the aforementioned region.

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Related: How Long Will PS4 Games Keep Making After PlayStation 5 Launches journalist Christopher Dring reports that the PlayStation 5 in the UK has already surpassed sales of Dreamcast, PS Vita and Wii U. Unfortunately, hard data on UK sales of the three legacy systems is not easy to find; however, there is a lot to discern from the sales milestones of the past. By early 2018, for example, the Nintendo Switch had moved over 700,000 units in the UK, eclipsing Wii U lifetime sales quite significantly. Reason suggests that current PS5 sales are around this point. UK-based sales figures for PS Vita and Dreamcast are much harder to pin down, but it’s worth noting that Sony’s latest handheld only sold 100,000 units in its first 10 weeks on the UK store shelves – a figure three times eclipsed by PSP sales in the same period.

Of course, Playstation 5 doesn’t just sell like hot cakes in the UK. It also counts as the best-selling console in the US market in history, as the NDP reported last month. If Sony can maintain such momentum, the trajectory of the new system could match that of the PS4 in the long run. However, that won’t be an easy task to accomplish, given the global stock shortages of the chipsets that power high-end consoles from Sony and Microsoft.

According to leading electronics maker Foxconn, the chip shortage could last until the second quarter of next year. Supply constraints affect more than just play equipment; manufacturing of smartphones, automobiles and other areas of the tech industry have also been hit hard in the past 12 months.

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