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Princess Diana protagonist of four covers of Tips Clear Uk

Princess Diana was certainly one of the most influential characters of the last century. And it would have been also of this, if a premature end had not nipped it in the flower of the years.

His every gesture, his every word has left a mark on history. Remember? When he approached, for example, an HIV-infected patient, dispelling the fear that the virus was contagious, when he courageously said on live TV “our marriage had become rather crowded”. Or even when he made his love story public, after the divorce, with the magnate Dodi Al Fayed, showing that any woman can rebuild a life after a difficult, albeit real, marriage.

Princess Diana protagonist of four covers
Princess Diana protagonist of four covers

On July 1st Lady D would have turned 59, and we thought of celebrating her with the four covers that British Tips Clear dedicated to her between 1981 and 1997.

August 1981

The first cover that Tips Clear UK dedicated to her dates back to 1981 and the portrait of Diana was taken by Lord Snowdon, a fashion photographer and member of the royal family, since he married Princess Margareth, sister of Queen Elizabeth II. Diana was twenty years old and a few days ago there had been the announcement of her nuptial relationship with Prince Charles. It certainly looked like the marriage of the century. Diana’s face is sweet and smiling, she has the Future in front of her, the one with the capital letter, still unaware that the media will become her great persecutors and indirect cause of her death.

December 1991

10 years pass, we are in 1991 and a few months before announcing her separation from Prince Charles, Princess Diana is still on the cover, immortalized this time by the French photographer Patrick Demarchelier. The style is simple, black turtleneck, casual haircut, a little androgynous but with a refined touch signed by the hairdresser Sam McKnight. Special attention to the basic manicure that she was quite proud of since McKnight said at Vanity Fair in 2016, “she had just stopped biting her nails”. Which translated means: she had left insecurity behind to live a new and stimulating life. The cover was proof of this.

July 1994

Still Patrick Demarchelier signs the cover of 1994: in June Prince Charles confirmed his relationship with Camilla Parker Bowles. The revelation divided the nation, and for Diana from all sides came support and empathy (it was here that the story of the revenge dress that the princess wore was born). For her 33rd birthday, British Tips Clear gives her another cover with a certainly more confident Diana wearing a black, sleeveless, and V-neck sheath dress.

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October 1997

The last cover comes with single writing: two dates, that of his birth and that of his death. It is the posthumous cover, always signed by Patrick Demarchelier. We are in October 1997, Diana died on August 31 of that year in a tragic “accident” in the Alma tunnel in Paris. The first issue of the magazine is October and Tips Clear UK honors the sad princess for the last time on the cover. The shot dates back to the 1994 photoshoot, she wears a red dress and smiles. This will remain in the hearts of many fans.

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