Prince Charles “Must Have” Loved Princess Diana, Says The Crown’s Josh O’Connor

Actor Josh O’Connor talked about playing Prince Charles on The crown—And gave some hints as to how the upcoming fourth season in the series will portray Charles’s relationship with Princess Diana.

“The great excitement for me, entering season three, was actually watching seasons two and three and four,” said the actor. Screen Daily. “We all pretty much know what happened with Charles and Diana, and I got an idea from Peter about where Charles was going. Having the opportunity to go back and mark the moments that influenced the behavior, or influenced the older version of this person, was a real treat. “

O’Connor continued: “We all have a fixed position on the dynamics between Charles and Diana. It has been great to have the ability to fight this or sometimes recognize it and also to challenge any question of:” Do you like it? Personally, I think he had to do it. Charles and Diana are rich in layers and riches, and I loved looking for it. “

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Emma Corrin and Josh O’Connor play Princess Diana and Prince Charles on The crown.

Vera AndersonGetty Images

The actor also explained that who he – and by extension Emma Corrin, the actress who plays Diana – portrayed is not enough who are actually members of the royal family. This is partly because the public doesn’t really know them. “The trick is to remember that everything we know about Prince Charles is a media portrayal of him,” said O’Connor. “Usually the times he is in the public eye are well planned and organized. He presents a version of himself that he wants people to see. I think it was a luxury because it meant that you could invent.”

And then there is the fact that The crown is not a documentary. “Ultimately, The crown is a work of fiction by [showrunner] Peter Morgan, and that gives you the freedom to create something that isn’t really Prince Charles. It is an essence of him. ”

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