Pretty Little Liars: 10 Storylines The Show Dropped

Even though Marlene King’s teen drama Pretty Little Liars officially ended back in the summer of 2017, the series is still remembered for its outrageous plot lines. Since PLL ran for seven long seasons, the series found itself constantly creating new storylines for viewers to enjoy.

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However, because the series often started up so many new plot lines it had to drop a lot of them before they could be properly resolved. From murder mysteries to cases of mistaken identity to internal issues, PLL often bit off way more than it was willing to chew.

10 N.A.T. Club

N.A.T, Club in PLL

Considering PLL is a series that revolves around a clique of high school girls that are being tormented by an unnamed person, it’s easy to believe there was another group of high schoolers that liked to film teenage girls, through their bedroom windows, living in Rosewood.

The N.A.T. club, founded by Jason DiLaurentis, Ian Thomas, and Garrett Reynolds, was a big plot point for the first few seasons of the show. In season four, the club appeared to be connected to Alison’s “death”, which is why it’s so weird that viewers never get any definitive answers to whether or not any of its members tried to hurt Alison.

9 What Was The Importance Of Cyrus?

Cyrus Petrillo pll

PLL was filled with dozens of suspicious characters that would drop into the show for a few episodes, stir up some trouble, and then never return. One of the characters whose disseverance left viewers with the most questions was Cyrus Petrillo.

Cyrus first shows up in Rosewood in the fifth season. He tells the police he had a romantic relationship with Alison. However, it becomes clear that he was physically abused her and that he had been arrested many times. The last time viewers see Cyrus, he’s sleeping in a hospital bed while “A” approaches him. This final image left viewers wanting to know more about Cyrus and his fate.

8 Alison’s Army

pll alison

Though Alison’s original favorite group of girls was Aria, Hanna, Spencer, and Emily, she quickly found a new group to lead when she realized her old group no longer worshiped her. Alison created this “army” of girls in season five from old members of “Mona’s Army.”

Viewers of the show were fascinated by Alison’s new followers and wanted to learn more about each of them. Unfortunately, the girls only appeared in two episodes and viewers only really get to see more of Sydney.

7 Noel’s Involvement In The Doll House

pll noel

Due to his many nefarious actions, Noel Kahn managed to maintain the interest of PLL fans, which is why it was so upsetting that fans never truly know just how involved he was with the A-team. When the liars become trapped in the dollhouse at the end of season five, this becomes the major storyline for the next season.

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While, it is eventually revealed that Cece Drake created the human-sized dollhouse, with the help of Noel Khan and Sara Harvey, viewers never get any answers to what exactly Noel did or why he even wanted to do this at this point in the series.

6 How Did The Moms Get Out Of the Basement

Surprisingly one of PLL’s biggest mysteries involves the moms. In the season six finale, all five of the moms end up locked in the basement at the DiLaurentes’ house after a wine-filled night turned sour.

In the next episode, the season 7A premiere, its quickly revealed that the moms were able to escape from the basement but there is no explanation as to how they did it. Fans of the series were disappointed that such a major cliffhanger was so swiftly and inadequately resolved.

5 Ravenswood

While the town of Ravenswood was initially introduced in PLL to push viewers to watch a spinoff-show by the same name, it still was a big part of the show. In a season four episode, Spencer and Toby visit Ravenswood to look for Alison. Later the girls visit the town again to look for A’s lair and a few characters from Ravenswood appear in a Halloween episode.

This town definitely could have been an opportunity for the show to expand its horizons but instead, it just became another dropped storyline.

4 Ezra As A

Many fans believe that out of all of the people in Rosewood that seemed like they could be A, Ezra made the most convincible culprit. In season four, in particular, the writers do a solid job of making it appear like Ezra truly was A before ultimately showing that Ezra wasn’t involved with the A team at all.

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Some fans have even expressed that making Ezra A would have perfectly fit the show’s theme of older men preying on impressionable young girls.

3 Sara Harvey’s Backstory

sarah harvey a PLL

When viewers are first introduced to Sara Harvey in season three, it was immediately clear that she would be someone to pay attention to. As her character continued to develop over the final four seasons, she became more and more important and an even bigger suspect for the A-team.

However, while Sara is a big player while she’s on the screen, there is never any explanation to how she ended up in Rosewood and really what her backstory is, even though that plotline would have been extremely appreciated by the fans.

2 Hanna’s Eating Disorder

pll hanna

When we’re first introduced to Hanna in season one, fans quickly learn one of the biggest things she struggled with was an eating disorder. A few times in the earlier seasons, Hanna touches on her struggles with bulimia and her weight.

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This storyline had the potential to help a lot of viewers watching the show. This was a real opportunity for PLL to take a show with an outrageous plotline and inject some humanity into it. Unfortunately, throughout the second half of the series, there is little to no mention of Hanna’s eating disorder.

1 Alison’s Connection To Bethany Young

bethany young pll

Any true PLL fan knows that even though Bethany Young isn’t talked about until season four of the series, she’s been part of the show since the pilot. Bethany is a former Radley patient who was mistakenly buried alive by Melissa Hastings and falsely believed to be Alison DiLaurentis.

Though fans eventually get to know a bit about who Bethany was and how she was killed it is never too clear how exactly she knew Alison and how she ended up in the position that led her to be murdered by Melissa that night.

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