Post Malone Becomes An Unlikely Superstar In The Wine World

When you think of the celebrities most likely to use their notoriety and fame to market a rosé, rapper and singer-songwriter Post Malone might not be the first person to come to mind. But he was nonetheless very successful in launching Maison n ° 9, a rosé that would have sold 50,000 units in just 48 hours, and now his wine business has been profiled in no less than the the Wall Street newspaper.

Unlike many celebrities in the liquor business, Malone has been involved in this project from the start. He designed the distinctive glass topper found in each bottle, he collaborated with winemaker Alexis Cornu on blending the rosé, and he even came up with the name: a reference, he says, to the nine swords in a set of tarot cards, a symbol of anxiety. . Maison N ° 9, in turn, becomes a tribute to how Malone found wine a precious tonic for his own personal anxieties:

“As soon as I got old enough, I tried the wine and I thought, ‘It helps me, it tastes good and it makes me happy. “

Randy Shropshire / Getty Images

Malone also spoke about his direct ambitions in the wine business:

“I’ve been loving wine for a minute now. And Dre [London] and I was talking and we said, why don’t we make our own deal and see how it goes? We flew to Provence [France] and picked the grapes and made the mixture and everything. And I said, it’s something that I really, really like. I am so blessed and happy that we are crushing it the way we are. We are trying to create an empire so that we can drink for free and our children can eat forever. “

Post Malone fans might have taken a look at House No.9 before everyone else. Three weeks before the launch of the rosé, Malone live streamed an 80-minute Nirvana cover series to raise funds for the United Nations Foundation for the World Health Organization’s COVID-19 Solidarity Response Fund. health. In the background behind Malone, the bottles of Maison No.9 were visible to attentive viewers, and like the next launch, the concert was a huge success, raising some $ 1 million for the fund.


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