Post lockdown face treatments: 4 facial not to be missed

Facial treatments and hi-tech it’s one of the most popular combos right now. The latest generation aesthetic medicine devices are increasingly popular, indicated for shock treatments or simply for a cycle of a fixed duration. Nothing better to give a wow effect to the face after this complex and tiring period. Let’s see what i am device more performing and multifunctional for four face treatments not to be missed.

Post lockdown face treatments: 4 facial not to be missed


A combo of two technologies, the multipolar radio frequency that warms the fabrics and i pulsed electromagnetic fields, capable of stimulating new elastic fibers. The result? The complexion appears more relaxed, dilated pores and small imperfections are attenuated. “Treatment begins with a phase of cleaning using a sophisticated vacuum cleaner that is adjustable based on your skin type, “he says Carlo Borriello, plastic surgeon in Lucca and Milan who developed the protocol, called Venus Instant Glow, which from the name already says it all. “Then we pass the handpiece which, in fact, encloses the radio frequency and the electromagnetic fields and finally applies, thanks to a special applicator that enhances its effectiveness, a product calibrated to aesthetic needs”. It can be based on hyaluronic acid, if the problem is dehydration, purifying if you suffer from acne or with C vitamin to action whitening. Already after a session, which lasts 40 minutes, the results are evident.


Mix bioregeneration and biostimulation of the skin in a natural and non-invasive approach Tone Up Yor Face. “At first, ozone is used to perform a peeling soft that vaporizes the surface layer and prepares the skin for other treatments that are applied later, “he explains Cristina Halleker operator at Image Regenerative Clinic of Milan, the structure that developed this procedure. “In a second phase we make use of a device circular that exploits the principle of capacitive diathermy, that is, a contraction of fibroblasts to stimulate the production of new ones “. The oval appears more defined and relaxed. A minimum of 4 sessions are recommended, each ten days apart.

It is a matter of micro-vibrations caused by the gel microspheres contained in the handpieces of Eve (the abbreviation stands for Endo Ablative Vibration), signed by Endosphères Therapy. The method performs a tissue micromassage capable of toning, oxygenating, draining, regenerating the skin deep down. Even in areas where microcirculation is not always agile, such as the eyelid sulcus. If there are more pronounced wrinkles, the device can be used Micol (what does it mean localized overall micro-vibration) which generates the vibration at a specific point. The effectiveness is tangible already in a session, of about forty minutes, which can be repeated as needed.


Ideal in lunch-time, the new version of LPG, one of the cult anti-aging treatments, acts in an ultra-concentrated way. In just 15 minutes. Endermologie Splendor Activatorin fact, it gives a complexion glow through the mechanical stimulation of the skin which allows to reactivate the cellular metabolism and works on fibroblasts, also called the “skin architects”. The specific device for the face exercises a series of microbeats on the face and neck as if the skin trained in a gym session. A stimulation that exfoliates the skin and oxygenates the tissues by reactivating the microcirculation, contrasting the grayness of the complexion. 4 sessions, one every fifteen days.