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Popeyes Goes All-Out in the Chicken Sandwich War

Popeyes Goes All-Out in the Chicken Sandwich War

For years, Chick-Fil-A had been seen as having the one chicken sandwich option that people can find. But today, the fast-food chain Popeyes has gotten into the chicken sandwich war. The sandwich has become the most talked-about fast food item in the industry to check out.

Popeyes Goes All-Out
Popeyes Goes All-Out

The Big Sandwich

Popeyes originally released its chicken sandwich in August. The company had planned on releasing it for a limited time as a preview to the product being introduced to its official menu later. But the sandwich became immensely popular to where it sold out fast.

The sandwich and its spicy variant have returned to the Popeyes menu, and it has helped to make average foot traffic at Popeyes restaurants significantly greater than what it has been in the past. It is estimated that foot traffic has tripled in some locations on Sundays. The Sunday increase may be due to Chick-Fil-A locations being closed on Sundays over the store’s traditions.+

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Chicken Becoming Popular

A big part of what makes Popeyes sandwich so popular is that chicken is becoming an increasingly viable item for fast food sales. Chicken is considered to be more sustainable meat than other meats used in the industry. Many people also prefer chicken for how it offers a healthier approach to eating, depending on how well it is prepared.

Increased Competition Coming

It is estimated that more competition will come along in the future. KFC has introduced its own chicken sandwiches to go alongside its other chicken-based products for sale. The Zaxby’s chicken restaurant also has many new chicken sandwiches, although it would be difficult to find a Zaxby’s location outside the southeastern United States.

Other major fast food places are going to continue to promote their chicken sandwiches. McDonald’s and Burger King have both had some issues with their chicken sandwiches in terms of sales. Those two entities are aiming to relaunch the products in the future. Regional fast-food chains such as Jack In the Box, Whataburger, and Bojangles’ are expected to increase their chicken sandwich offerings in the near future as well.

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The Impossible Movement

There is always the possibility that chicken sandwiches may be influenced by the other trend in fast food. The plant-based meat products offered by some restaurants could end up challenging chicken sandwiches over what people are talking about or are interested in the most. These include vegetable patties that are available at Burger King and White Castle, among other popular fast-food restaurants. Whether or not the chicken sandwich industry will be impacted is unclear, but it is a concern that deserves to be explored.

The potential for the chicken sandwich wars to continue to move along will be worth noting. But Popeyes already has the upper hand, as the company’s chicken sandwiches have proven to be among the most exciting fast food products on the market. The growth of the market will be exciting to watch for as the industry continues to go forward with many new products.

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