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4 Consequences of Poor Health Decisions About Drinking

Poor Health Decisions About Drinking

Poor Health Decisions About Drinking: Alcohol plays a role in many people’s lives. But there is a big difference between having it be an additive factor to your existence and one that can rip your life apart. It can be surprising how fine of a line that is, depending on how much you choose to drink and when.

Consider some of the consequences if you choose to overdo your drinking habit. If you drink and drive, there is the potential for DUI convictions. If you drink too much, you may eventually end up with the liver disease. Drinking too much, it can weigh on you financially. And, if you drink too much, all those extra calories can go directly into weight gain, which in itself causes more problems.

Poor Health Decisions About Drinking
Poor Health Decisions About Drinking

DUI Convictions

You should never drink and drive. Everyone in the world knows this, but so many people choose to ignore that fact that it is amazing. The first time you get pulled over by the police after drinking too much and getting behind the wheel, you will suddenly understand the consequences of a DUI conviction. It is a life-changing experience, and not for the better. Just ask anyone who has had to go to jail for it or has lost their job because of the conviction.

Liver Disease

Drinking too much causes liver disease. Your liver has to handle all of the poisons that enter your body through imbibing, and if you put more alcohol in your system than your liver can process, it has to go into overdrive and eventually becomes diseased. Liver disease is particularly nasty because of the pain that it causes and all of the consequences that happen after your liver starts failing as well.

Financial Woes

Drinking is expensive. Depending on what kind of alcohol you purchase, it can chew up a significant portion of your budget. Knowing this, it’s incredible how many people choose to get rid of other more positive aspects of their life rather than alcohol.

So not only do you end up spending more money than you need to on beer and liquor, but it also affects your health on a physical level very poorly after you get past a certain point. Many people who drink too much can’t afford to drink too much, and that compounds the problem.

Weight Gain
Finally, there is the popular vision of the beer belly. Because of the chemical composition of alcohol, all of those calories that you drink go directly into weight gain.

There is no nutritive value in alcohol. Which means that every single ounce that you drink is adding sugar to your body’s makeup. Which then leads to an increase in fat content and unhealthy weight. If you find that you are drinking too much, don’t be surprised if suddenly you don’t feel good about your appearance either.

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