Pokemon: The Coolest Unused Type Combinations

When it comes to creating brand-new Pokémon, these long-overdue unused type combinations could help inspire some totally unique creatures.

Dual-typing has been an important part of the Pokémon games since Generation 1, and nearly every combination of the 18 existing types has been introduced. There are currently only 17 unused Pokémon type combinations never featured in the series, and as more Pokémon are created, that number should steadily decline. There are a few specific type combinations that should definitely be prioritized, since they could inspire unique Pokémon that quickly become fan favorites.

Having two different types comes with both strengths and weaknesses, but with the right combination, a Pokémon with dual-typing can thrive. Although many dual-type Pokémon suffer from being twice as vulnerable to certain attacks, they also gain additional resistances and can take advantage of more same-type attack bonus moves. Dual-type Pokémon can be some of the strongest, and adding access to even more combinations could make a major impact for both casual playthroughs and competitive battling.

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Despite both types existing since Generation 1, Rock/Ghost is one combination that has yet to be introduced in Pokémon. Pokémon Sword and Shield introduced the Coalossal line, which is themed around a coal mine, and creating a Rock/Ghost-type that lives in an abandoned mine would be a perfect complement. Since a Rock/Ghost-type would be immune to Fighting-type attacks, this combination would be great for overcoming one of the Rock typing’s key weaknesses

Why Pokémon Should Add A Grass & Fire Type Combination

Pokémon: The Coolest Type Combinations That Still Don’t Exist

Pokémon has traditionally been cautious when it comes to combinations of Water, Fire, and Grass, the game’s three starting types. A Water/Grass-type Pokémon was only introduced in Generation 3 with the Ludicolo line, and the Water/Fire typing is exclusive to the Mythical Pokémon Volcanion from Generation 6. Grass/Fire is the only starter type combination not yet implemented in Pokémon, and if it is introduced, it will likely only be for a single Pokémon or evolutionary line. One strong argument for including a Grass/Fire-type Pokémon is that Solar Beam, one of the most recognizable grass moves in the franchise, works best in intense sunlight. Considering Fire types also thrive in intense sun, a Grass/Fire Pokémon could be a potent offensive threat.

Another unused type combination is Bug/Dragon, which isn’t surprising, considering the history of both types. Whereas Bug-types were among the weakest in the early Pokémon games, Dragon-types were both rare and powerful. Now that the two types are more well-balanced, it is past time to introduce a Pokémon of both types. Flygon, a Dragon/Ground-type, and its evolutionary line are based on Dragonflies, so the combination has at least proven visually viable.

Poison is almost always paired with a few specific types, such as Grass and Bug, but recent Pokémon games have included Poison-types in more creative combinations. Both Salazzle and Toxtricity are example of this, and both Pokémon combine a strong offensive typing with useful Poison-type advantages. An Ice/Poison typing could be next up for a new line of Pokémon, and the typing itself could inspire a completely unique design.

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Many Pokémon type combinations have likely been avoided because they will be overpowered or underpowered, but this issue can always be overcome by balancing them with specific stats and abilities. Unless The Pokémon Company plans on creating a new typing to add more variety to the series, fans can expect at least a few of the unused type combinations to be introduced in future Pokémon games.

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