Pokémon GO’s Tricky April Fool’s Event Makes Team Rocket More Common

Pokémon GO’s Tricky Pokémon event kicks off tomorrow, and it’s going to cause more Team Rocket appear at PokéStops and in balloons.

April Fool’s Day is rapidly approaching, and Pokémon GO will be ready with plenty of tricky Pokémon and increased Team Rocket appearances, as well as special timed research. Niantic’s AR title is no stranger to special, timed events. This week, the game’s creators announced a Spring-centric celebration which is set to bring Mega Lopunny and Flower Crown Chansey to player’s phones starting April 4. While the Pokémon mobile title is focused on seasonal offerings right now, the game’s developers, Niantic, have been juggling a lot more than Easter eggs recently.

In partnership with Nintendo, Niantic announced it would be bringing the beloved franchise Pikmin into the realm of augmented reality. The colorful, helpful sprites first came to the GameCube twenty years ago and now seem ready to jump into the real world via players’ mobile devices. Neither Nintendo nor Niantic expanded on the upcoming title’s mechanics during the game’s initial press release, but more details surfaced online this week. Fans in Singapore who were able try out the game’s early test version in the region revealed the Pikmin AR title might be less action-packed than its Pokémon GO counterpart.

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Today’s Pokémon GO announcement from Niantic, promises some Pokémon pranks as the game’s more mischievous inhabitants will begin stirring up trouble in the Tricky Pokémon event. During the day-long, April 1 event, Aipom, Croagunk, and Purrloin will show up in the wild more often and Team GO Rocket Grunts will find they can only call on Shadow Aipom throughout the week. The event will also kick off with new Team GO Rocket timed research. The rewards for completing the assigned task before the event closes on April 8, will include a Super Rocket Radar.

Ditto will feature heavily in Pokémon GO’s upcoming festivities. The shape-shifting trickster will be sprinkled throughout the game tomorrow, taking on a number of its favorite forms – and one new one. Though the developers have not divulged which new Pokémon Ditto will appear as, trainers jumping into the game for April Fool’s Day may find the amorphous creature able to impersonate a new Pokémon species, and this upgrade will persist after the event has ended. Additionally, players ready to battle will also find a prank waiting for them. The GO Battle League timer has been cut in half and will only allow half the time to defeat rivals.

Spring is in the air and increasingly more players are beginning to safely explore public spaces again, which makes it a great time to pick Pokémon GO back up. The game’s seasonal offerings, fun new content, an  possible new technology could eventually attract many new players.

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Pokémon GO is available on iOS and Android.

Source: Niantic

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