Pokemon & Destiny 2 Come Together With Cute Pikachu Artwork

A Pokémon and Destiny 2 crossover featuring Pikachu dressed up like Vanguards successfully blends two different games together in a cute package.

Pokémon and Destiny 2 crossover featuring Pikachu dressed up like the Vanguards has successfully blended two wildly different games into one cute, compelling package. The Pokémon franchise is in the middle of celebrating its 25th anniversary, which has meant a huge influx of content from Nintendo and Game Freak: the announcement of Pokémon Brilliant Diamond Pokémon Shining Pearl, the release of New Pokémon Snap, and even a concert from Post Malone to help commemorate the occasion. As a result of this flurry of news, Pokémon is being discussed even more than usual for such a ubiquitous video game property.

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Destiny 2, on the other hand, is gradually rebuilding its reputation thanks to Bungie’s steady influx of content and patches, adding new elements to the game while smoothing over its rougher mechanics at the same time. There are big plans for Destiny‘s universe, and the steady quality of releases for Destiny 2 has reinvigorated a playerbase that is now eager to see what’s coming in 2022 and beyond.

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While these two properties are both popular, they’re not very similar – which is what makes artist LostThingy‘s Pokémon and Destiny 2 crossover even more intriguing. The artist posted three different images to Twitter last week, each depicting Pikachu as a member of the Vanguard. Not only is the art top quality on its own, but the representations of each character as Pikachu are spot-on. It’s the kind of light-hearted content many Destiny 2 fans need given the story’s grim overtones in recent expansions, and it even resurrects the beloved Cayde-6 as a Pikachu Vanguard enjoying a meal like one of the most controversial moments in Destiny 2 never happened.

It’s an unexpected crossover, but the combination of Pokémon and Destiny 2 does work, especially since LostThingy’s art does an excellent job of focusing on the design elements that are most commonly associated with Cayde-6, Zavala, and Ikora Rey. Pikachu has also proven over time to be an adaptable mascot, appearing with all kinds of outfits for the Pokémon franchise and looking adorable in pretty much every one.

Sometimes, the more obvious crossovers are the most notable – but lately, it’s seemed like artists are going out of their way to prove they can make anything work. LostThingy’s art is one such example, with the Pokémon and Destiny 2 crossover functioning brilliantly, and its reminiscent of the movement from each game’s fandom that saw Isabelle and Doomguy so commonly associated with each other.

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Source: LostThingy/Twitter

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