PlayStation 5 pre-orders will restart tomorrow

Playstation 5

  • Sony and certain retailers have confirmed that pre-orders for PlayStation 5 will start again tomorrow.
  • Unfortunately, there is no specific information about when pre-orders will start.
  • You might have better luck making a personal pre-order in the US.

It was inevitable that the first launch of the next generation game consoles from Sony and Microsoft would be chaotic. However, the first launch of Sony PlayStation 5 pre-orders was a total disaster as pretty much everything went wrong. This resulted in many buyers standing empty.

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Fortunately, tomorrow, September 25th, we’ll be making a second attempt to buy the PS5. Sony said that itself More pre-orders would be available this weekand US retailer Game Stop has confirmed it will have more in stock tomorrow. Several other retailers have confirmed this, leading us to believe that most retailers will be on board.

PlayStation 5 pre-orders: another fiasco in the works?

Game Stop, Amazon UK and UK retailers game have all confirmed that more PS5 consoles will be in stock tomorrow. However, none of the companies have given any clarity as to when exactly the stock will be available.

As a result, we can’t tell when you should be ready to add a PlayStation 5 pre-order to your cart. If you really want one, you may have to sit down at your computer at 12:01 AM tomorrow and don’t move until you get one.

Interestingly, Game Stop says there will be pre-orders from its retail stores as well. Hence, if you go to a physical location as soon as the doors are opened, you may have a better chance of snapping a console. It is likely that only a limited amount will be allocated to stores. So you have to get there early to beat the crowds.

Sony or other retailers still have time today to specify a time to start pre-orders. In this case we will update this article.

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