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Planning The Perfect Engagement

Planning The Perfect Engagement

Perfect Engagement: Getting engaged is a big step. It’s your first step into a lifelong commitment with the one you love, and if that weren’t enough, it has turned into an event of its own.

Perfect Engagement
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Forget the days of humbly taking one knee and asking the question. In these days of prom-posals and live-streamed gender reveals, a marriage proposal has to be epic to be acceptable.

With all that new social pressure placed on the proposal itself, it is critical that you get it right. You’ll be sharing in the joy of that moment every time it’s discussed for the rest of your life, so make the most of it by following a simple guide for planning.

Get The Right Ring

Just as proposals are more complicated than ever, there are more rings out there than ever before. Wading through the countless designs is impossible. You’ll never be able to narrow it down enough to find just the right ring.

If you’re looking for something unique and you live in the Southern California area, you’ll want to check out the custom engagement rings available from San Diego, California vendors. With a jeweler that specializes in making individual pieces, you can quickly sort through designs and styles and narrow down the options to the ones that most match up with the hints you’ve been receiving, or with intelligence, you may have gathered from her family and friends.

It’s safer shopping, too. Avoiding the in-store quest by shopping online is only beneficial if you avoid getting scammed, so shop with a reputable company.

Choose The Right Setting

Not everybody is lucky enough to have the opportunity to propose after winning the World Series. You will have to make your own event if you want it to be a great proposal.

Think about your history. Where are the places that are important to you? It’s most romantic when you can go back to the earliest days of the relationship, such as the place where you were first photographed together. Perfect place for a proposal photo, right?

Get It Documented

And speaking of photos, don’t leave the images of your proposal to your memory. Photographers today are routinely shooting these events. Simply stage the shutterbug with a good view of the spot and it will take care of itself. Lighting and lenses today are such that the photos can be had with a minimum of intrusion.

Then share them. You know she’s going to fill her social media with them, so be prepared for lots of reactions and comments. Spreading the word today is faster than ever, so remember one other detail.

Wedding ideas Ring
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Call Your Mother

And your grandmother, and all the other people in your life who shun social media. As soon as you post it, the shares and retweets will turn into phone calls to your childhood number, and your mom will find out from somebody else. Not cool.

If you close love one in your life (or in her life) who deserve to be told first. Sure you have a plan to hold off all other publicity until you have had a few minutes to make those phone calls. In a world of high-tech proposals, it is still important to do a few things the old-fashioned way.

Asking her to marry you will be a great experience no matter how you do it. At least, as long as she says yes. But there’s no doubt that a great way to get started on a lifetime of memories together is to make some memories at the moment that life begins. Just like any other part of your relationship, your proposal can be an opportunity to think of those special things you share and to do things the way that best touches her heart. And there’s no better way than that to start a marriage.

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