Placed: who is Shaïn Boumedine, the beginner educator of the film? – Cinema news

On the occasion of the release of “Placed”, funny and moving dive into a home for young people in difficulty, close-up on the hero of the film: Shaïn Boumedine.

In Placés, the first film directed by Tuche screenwriter Nessim Chikhaoui, Shaïn Boumedine plays a student discovering the joys (and difficulties) of the profession of educator. If his performance convinces, this young man from Montpellier, who is now 25 years old, never considered embarking on a career as an actor… Until the game of chance turned his life upside down.

Born to a father of Algerian origin and a mother of Moroccan origin, little Shaïn initially turned to sport to better cope with his parents’ divorce. He thus assiduously practices football and athletics from the age of 11, with the aim of becoming a professional sportsman. Unfortunately, an injury forced him to give up.

He continued his education and, after obtaining his baccalaureate with a specialization in architecture, worked as a waiter and beach attendant for a summer in his hometown. At this time, he accompanies, almost by chance, a friend to an extras casting in which he also leaves his contact details to the agency…

Shaïn doesn’t know it yet, but her profile hasn’t gone unnoticed by Stéphanie Ladet, a seasoned casting director who has an eye for finding young talent…

Having no return, he enrolled, as planned, in BTS Public Works in Nîmes. But, almost two years after the start of the course, he was contacted for a small role in Abdellatif Kechiche’s next film, Mektoub My Love: Canto Uno, freely adapted from The Wound, the real one by Francois Bégaudeau.

Determined to try the adventure, the native of Montpellier decides to stop his studies to work under the guidance of the prestigious director… And it’s a won bet: after several auditions, Shaïn Boumedine meets Kechiche who offers him to play not an extra, but Amin, the silent and observant hero pacing the beaches of Sète!

Placed who is Shain Boumedine the beginner educator of the
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Shaïn Boumedine camps the young Amin

In 2018, Canto Uno was hailed by critics and Shaïn’s authentic acting, whose sensuality illuminates each shot, leaves no one indifferent. However, the film’s sequel-interlude, Intermezzo, caused a scandal at the 2019 Cannes Film Festival due to the radicalism of its device and its explicit sex scenes.

Added to this is the bankruptcy of Kechiche’s production company, Quat’sous Films, also compromising the release of the third opus, Canto Due (of which several scenes are shot)… And more generally the filmmaker’s project for the actor, that of “direct ten other films with Shaïn in the role of Amin, which we will follow until the age of 45.”

But Shaïn Boumedine is not discouraged, quite the contrary! He continues to pass castings and tastes the series via Les Sauvages, a family and political fresco led by many renowned actors including Roschdy Zem. For six episodes, he plays Slim Nerrouche, youngest son of Dounia (Farida Rahouadj).

At the beginning of 2022, the Montpellier resident returns to the cinema and portrays the hero of Placed, forced to become an educator in a Children’s Home with a Social Character. Director Nessim Chikhaoui also fell in love with the actor:

“He was in my shortlist. I had seen him in Mektoub My Love and in Les Sauvages. And David Bertrand, the casting director, pushed me a lot to meet him. Shain entered the room, and the sun is entered with him. He has a crazy charisma. With his side that is both serious, studious, a little childish, which reinforces the moments when he gets angry and cracks, he brings a lot to the film.”

Finally, if the film has no release date for the moment, Shaïn Boumedine will play the main role of Nuclear Summer, in which he finds himself confined to a farm following a nuclear accident…