Pixel 5, Chromecast with Google TV, Nest Audio: All of today’s Google announcements

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Last week Amazon drops its annual armada of new products on us – Now it’s Google. Of the company Launch at night Stream wednesday after Pixel 4A budget phone unveiled in August. That event Confirmed the existence of its next flagship phone, the Pixel 5, And the Pixel 4A5G. They were launched today with a new Chromecast and a New Nest-Branded Smart SpeakerNest Audio. However, apart from the Hold for Me phone feature, there were some surprises too, which permanently shut down the terrible calls you receive in the hands of Google Assistant.

Pixel 5 Announcement, Like Google’s previous flagship phones, Is leacher than ancient plumbing (or perhaps, Tips Clear’s Lynn La as suspects, “Leaks” are part of Google’s marketing strategy).

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Everything announced at Google’s Pixel 5 event



Google’s latest flagship includes 5G support in Google’s Rota, and it went live on Google’s store prior to the announcement. It starts at $ 699 (£ 599, AU $ 999). Camera Portrait adds the LIght and Night site to the camera in the picture. And with the new phone, Google added a big bundle of services, called Google One, a la Apple One.

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The $ 50 (£ 60, AU $ 99) updated Chromecast features a new remote with an auxiliary button, as well as dedicated buttons for high-profile streaming services. “More Assisted TV” is Google’s tagline for Google TV, which seems to be Android TV: The Next Generation. It updates the recommendation engine and provides better search results, as well as aggregates your streaming subscriptions.

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What Chromecast wants to help you find with Google TV …


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More bass, value, and skin texture appear to be the hallmark changes for Nest Smart speakers. It will run you for $ 100 (£ 90, AU $ 149). Read our Nest Audio here first.

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