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Pixel 4A and 4A XL wishlist: 5 features I’m hoping to see

The Pixel 4A and 4A XL are expected soon. In May 2019, Google launched its line of low-cost phones as an offshoot of its flagship Pixel line. Starting first with the Pixel 3A and 3A XL, the phones were sold for hundreds of dollars less than its Pixel 3 counterpart because it lacked a few key features such as water resistance and wireless charging. Despite such compromises, the Pixel 3A doubled Google’s Pixel sales that summer.

The Pixel 3A XLAngela Lang / CNET

But since we’re already past May 2020 and Google is going to hold a presser on June 3 and then cancel it, it’s hard to predict when we’ll see the Pixel 4A exactly. Nevertheless, here is exactly what we want from its new budget phone. Since the Pixel 3A, competing phone manufacturers like Apple and Samsung have released cheaper models of their own flagship products with some success, and Google will have to scale it up if it wants to stay competitive.

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Pixel 4A should be the same price or cheaper

The main attraction of Google’s Pixel A range is its more affordable price. When first launched, the Pixel 3A cost $ 399, £ 399 and AU $ 649 and the Pixel 3A XL cost $ 479, £ 469 and AU $ 799. We expect Google to keep the Pixel 4A at about the same price, especially since $ 399 seems to be a good compromise when it comes to affordable handsets from high-end phone manufacturers. For example, the iPhone SE for 2020 and the Samsung Galaxy A51, which is the most advanced phone in its latest Galaxy A series, both cost $ 399.

But there are rumors that the Pixel 4A could be launched at an even lower price. In May, Stephen Hall of 9to5Google tweeted that the Pixel 4A could start at $ 349 instead. I would never complain about paying less for something (as long as the quality is the same), so it would be even more ideal. The handset would be in a better position to compete with the iPhone SE and other rivals, and Google would attract more budget-conscious users.

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Pixel 4A should have more internal storage

Wanting the same low price (if not lower), but also asking for more internal storage is a contradiction, but it’s a “wishlist” so why not. The Pixel 3A comes with 64 GB of internal storage without the possibility of expansion. Google offers Pixel users unlimited storage for Google Photos in high quality (which is lower resolution than the original quality), but not everyone prefers to use cloud backups for their photos (like yours really ).


The Pixel 3A.In an era where we can capture 4K videos, spectacular portrait photos, wide-angle scanning images and fun moving pictures of our friends, 64 GB no longer seems to be enough. It would be great for Google to also offer a 128 GB option.

Pixel 4A: water resistance and wireless charging

A few years ago, water resistance and wireless charging on a phone were “nice to have” and they weren’t necessarily seen as crucial, but as a great advantage. While I still don’t think they are super important, their ubiquity in many phones has made them a sort of expected feature. By incorporating these additions, this would be another way for Google to maintain the competitiveness of the phone, given that the iPhone SE, for example, is rated IP67.

Likewise, although it’s too early now to be expected on affordable phones, I think having an on-screen fingerprint reader is on the way out. “nice to have” to “standard”. In a few years, I would not be too surprised if it became a regular feature in the combined budgets.

Back of a front-facing wide angle camera

Given how much Google has highlighted the camera prowess of Pixel phones in the past, it goes without saying that I expect a top notch rear camera configuration from the Pixel 4A no matter what. But I also hope that the company launches a curve and also brings back a second front camera.

It is strange to expect Pixel 4A functionality that neither the flagship Pixel 4 nor the predecessor Pixel 3A have themselves. But I’m just a big fan of the Pixel 3’s front camera and would love to see it come back. When Google first introduced it when the Pixel 3 launched in 2018, I knew it was useful, but I didn’t think much about it; especially since LG had it on their phones before.

But lately, I have found myself wanting to participate more often in my selfies. At first it was because I wanted to capture more of the landscape behind me, but I also realized that my friends and I, when we visit outside, are more spaced out in the photos due to the distance social. It is a not so happy fact.

Bolder design

I guess it’s understandable that the design of the Pixel 4A can’t get too far from Pixel 4. But the appearance of Pixel phones has become a bit outdated and it would be great for Google to shake things up. There are rumors that the Pixel 4A will have a perforated camera, which would be a nice modern touch. But I would love to see a refreshed look on top of that and just a new color. It’s more likely that big changes to Google’s design language will be rejected for the next Pixel 5, but we can hope so.

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