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Beauty (and i pink hair) did not stop even during the quarantine. The lockdown forced has increased people’s creativity, primarily influencers and celebrities, who have created interesting beauty trends. On their profiles they shared their experiments in the choice of colors, in the beauty routine and in the rediscovery of hairstyling. Let’s find out these together beauty trends because there is a bet they will go on for the wholesummer 2020.

Face masks (DIY and not)

The “me time”, As the British call it, that is, the time to devote to oneself is not lacking, so many celebrities have decided to have a face mask. A precious treatment, capable of regenerating the skin and removing that dull complexion. There are those who have experienced it in pairs, it is the case of Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard who posted their faces covered by the mask Rael, a brand that uses super moisturizing bamboo sheets soaked in C vitamin, collagen, rose or pineapple extract. The model / actress Molly Simsinstead, use the sleeping mask of Murad, but he applies it during the day because he has noticed more benefits for his skin.

Pink hair (and pink makeup)

The charm of pink continues. Color Pantone in 2016 with candy pink, then came the Millennial Pink, a pale pink tending to beige, which has become a way of being of a generation. And now the pink returns, dominating the foliage. They showed them off on Instagram: Sarah Michelle Geller, Jennifer Love Hewitt, Dua Lipa and also Ricky Martin. Without a doubt the pink in the hairstyling will be the favorite color of the post lockdown, capable of making the features sweeter and giving a special light to the face. It is also transversal, it is good for any age. But there is pink and pink: from light pastel pink, ethereal and fairytale, peach pink, an alternative to blonde; from bright and intense gold pink to rose bleached, a very evanescent light pink. Pink not only on the hair but also in the make-up, have consecrated it Ariana Grande and Kylie Jenner, a light pink starting from blush eyeshadow to lipstick, romantic shades for a delicate and chic touch.

Long fringe and DIY snacks

One of the most dominant trends, necessarily, was the cut your hair yourself. The closure of the hairdressers forced us to arm ourselves with scissors and proceed with the cut, possibly without causing damage. And so they did Miley Cyrus, Kaia Gerber, Sabina Socol and Bella Hadid, with quite satisfactory results, however they preferred not to shorten the fringe, to avoid irreversible damage. So there long bangs it is back in fashion, after all it makes you younger, the cut becomes cooler and can also hide some flaws. Then at the hairdresser you can arrange it according to your tastes and face shape: thicker and climbing on the sides it becomes one with the lateral lengths, with the lateral or central row it is perfect for being illuminated by light strokes.

Space buns (or chignon pigtails)

They say two is better than one and this may also apply to him chignon. Once indicated only for girls, the two little ones bun sides dominated in time of lockdown, aperfect hairstyle even for those with short hair since it allows you to keep them tidy with a touch of style. And they will also last during the summer given the practicality, a valid remedy for not having the bulk of the hair when the heat becomes oppressive. Intercepted in Insta on the Tracee profiles Ellis Ross, Jennifer Lopez and Dua Lipa.

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