Pink and Blue Ribbon Tattoo Meaning: Show Your Support and Care

Tattoo trends come and go, especially in modern times where people create new tattoo trends almost every day through social media. And usually, these trends just seem to be a type of “impulse of the moment” type of tattoos that don’t really have any specific depth or meaning.

We believe tattoos should be unique and have a purpose, personal to the person wearing and owning the tattoo. However, one specific tattoo trend that has emerged recently is the pink and blue ribbon tattoo. Now tattoo trends like this we fully support.

If you have come across this specific tattoo design on your social media pages (especially on TikTok) and wondering what it means, then you have come to the right place. In the following paragraphs, we will provide a detailed explanation of this tattoo symbolism, as well as why we think it is a good symbol too! Let’s start!

Meaning of the pink and blue ribbon tattoo

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In order to explain the meaning of the tattoo, we must first explain the specific meaning of the pink and blue ribbon symbol. The pink and blue ribbon as a symbol promotes the following;

  • Awareness of baby loss (baby loss during or after pregnancy, miscarriage, neonatal death, stillbirth and SIDS). – Baby Loss Awareness Week runs from October 9-15.
  • Infertility Awareness
  • Pyloric Stenosis Awareness
  • Pregnancy and Infant Loss Remembrance Day (October 15 in the US, Canada, Australia and the UK).
  • male breast cancer awareness
  • Childhood illness and disease
  • Prenatal loss (miscarriage, ectopic pregnancy, premature birth, stillbirth).

If you see someone wearing a pink and blue ribbon, during awareness week or not, they are raising awareness for the aforementioned causes. Sadly, they may also have lost a baby and are wearing the ribbon to raise awareness, but also to remember their own loss and show the world what they have been through. It’s a rather personal experience, so people share it and talk about it, it’s super important, for them and for everyone.

Baby Loss Awareness Week is held annually in October. During this week, people commemorate the loss of their baby and try to provide support and care for everyone affected by the loss. It is an amazing cause that is properly supported by wearing pink and blue ribbons.

Pink and blue ribbon tattoo

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Now let’s talk about the tattoo. The pink and blue ribbon tattoo has the same meaning as the physical ribbon itself. The tattoo commemorates the loss of a baby, a male breast cancer survivor, and raises awareness of infertility, childhood illnesses, prenatal loss and much more.

Some people just want to show their support for this cause all year round, not just during October Awareness Week. Parents and everyone affected by such an incredibly devastating and sad event of losing a baby get tattoos of pink and blue ribbons as a permanent reminder and tribute.

It’s also a great reminder to people around the world that there is support and care for them, even though the pain of losing a baby may never go away. By seeing that others have gone through the same thing, parents could better deal with their loss and have more hope for the future.

Who should wear a pink and blue ribbon tattoo?

When it comes to such sensitive topics, it’s always good to clarify whether it’s appropriate for someone to wear a tattoo or not.

Of course, if you have experienced the loss of a baby in your life, whether you are a man or a woman (as parents), it is more than appropriate for you to wear such a tattoo. The ribbon was created to allow parents to show what they have been through and to commemorate the loss of their baby.

If you are someone who has also been affected by the loss of the baby (e.g. sibling, family members, etc.), you are also more than allowed to wear the pink ribbon tattoo and blue.

Now, when it comes to simply raising awareness of baby loss and childhood illnesses, we recommend wearing the ribbon. Getting a permanent tattoo of a pink and blue ribbon in this case would be a questionable choice. It is quite appropriate to raise awareness by wearing the ribbon and explaining its meaning to people who do not know the cause. It would be considered inappropriate to get such a tattoo if you have not suffered a baby loss (or any other unfortunate event that this ribbon represents) or if you were directly affected by such an event.

Final Thoughts

So, now you know what the pink and blue ribbon tattoo trend means. Now, does that mean you should jump on the trending wave and get that exact tattoo? Unless you or your family haven’t really been affected by a tragic baby loss event, we’d say getting a tattoo is inappropriate.

A tattoo is a permanent symbol, so it’s best not to get it, especially if it depicts someone else’s struggles and sufferings. What we recommend is wearing the pink and blue ribbon to spread and raise awareness if you want to contribute to the cause, of course. It is especially recommended to do this in October, during Baby Loss Awareness Week.

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