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Picnic Spots In Ahmedabad That You Just Cannot Miss Out In 2020

Picnic spots in Ahmedabad: The largest and capital city of Gujarat, Ahmedabad is a popular tourist destination in India, known for various tourist destinations, its rich history, cotton textiles, diamond cutting and street food. Located on the banks of the Sabarmati River, the city abounds in popular picnic spots offering perfect rejuvenation for tourists. Take a break from your trip and visit the capital of Gujarat to explore the picnic spot. We have a look Picnic spots in Ahmedabad To help you experience diversity in your vacation.

9 Top Picnic Spots in Ahmedabad

If you were wondering where to complete the week, here are some of the best picnic spots in Ahmedabad. Check them out and have a good time.

Picnic spots in Ahmedabad
Picnic spots in Ahmedabad

1. Manier’s Wonderland

It is a theme park which boasts of various enjoyable rides along with a snow park and is one of the top picnic spots in Ahmedabad. NH 47 is the fastest way to reach the park. The most attractive part of this park is that it caters to everyone’s interests as it has rides that will interest every member of the family. Some extremely popular rides at this theme park include Joy Train, Wonder Chair, Aqua Roller, Masti Planet and others. His voice is as funny as it is fun.
place: Sarkhej Sanand Highway 7
entrance fees: INR 220 per adult and INR 180 per child
Time: Monday to Sunday, 10 am to 8.30 pm
Distance from city center: 13km

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2. Polo Forest

The forest is endowed with sheer beauty that makes it feel like a world on its own. It is one of the most popular places in Ahmedabad that is sure to take you to a new world of captivity. For tourists who want to spend a relaxing time filled with peace and tranquility, this forest is the place you are looking for.

The place is also a great place for adventure enthusiasts, where trekking can be enjoyed at 400kilometres of lush green landscape offering abundant wildlife. Along with this, it also offers various ancient temples along with a dam site that exploits the Harnava River, bringing the surrounding beauty alive.
place: Polo one road
entrance fees: No entry fee
Time: 9 AM to 5 PM
Distance from city center: 150KM

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3. Null lake

If you like bird watching, then you will definitely like this place of bird paradise. Home to various species of migratory birds, this picnic spot is an important place for all. This Wetland Bird Sanctuary can help you see herons, flamingos, ducks, rosary pelicans, ibis, geese and more. For those who do not enjoy bird watching, there are various other activities for you to enjoy as well. These activities include horse riding, boating, camping.
place: Near sanand village
entrance fees: INR 60 per visitor, INR 100 for camera carrying, INR 220 for boating and INR 1320 for boat rental
Distance from city center: 64km
Time: 6.00 AM to 6.00 PM (Open all days)

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4. Indroda Nature Park

Located at a distance of 25KM, this nature park is spread over a vast expanse of 400 hectares of land and is a nature picnic spot in Ahmedabad. Being situated on the Sabarmati Bank, it is extremely popular as a major picnic spot in Ahmedabad. One of the distinctive features of this park is that it is rated as the second largest hatchery of dinosaur eggs. The park consists of individual sections including mammal section, reptile section, plant section, marine section, botanical garden, fossil section, earth section and so on. Visitors can take advantage of the camping facilities while spending quality time with family and friends.
place: GER Foundation, Deer Park, Indroda Village, J Road, Gandhinagar
entrance fees: INR 10-20 per person
Distance from city center: 25KM
Time: 8.00 am to 6.00 pm (Tuesday to Sunday)

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5. Chained Waterfalls

Located 75 KM from the city center, it is one of the top picnic spots in Ahmedabad and offers the most beautiful views. Located on the Dahgam-Bedh Highway, the place makes for an adventurous day with friends and family. It is situated on the Vatrak river where the height of the highest waterfall is about 25 feet. Apart from this spectacular view, tourists can also visit the Kedareshwar Temple located near the parking lot. The temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva and visitors can also enjoy a camel ride and can also take natural photographs.
place: Jhanjhari, Dabha, Gujarat
entrance fees: No entry fee
Distance from city center: 75km
Time: 6 am-7pm

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6. Gulmohar Greens Golf & Country Club

It is one of the famous picnic spots in Ahmedabad for those wishing to go on an outing with friends and family. This resort offers a huge golf course and lush green landscape. The resorts provide various facilities for the guests to enjoy wholeheartedly. Some of the activities commonly practiced include swimming, indoor sports, badminton, golf, football and others. It works as one of the most prominent places after a tiring day at the workplace. Enjoy the spa services offered at the resort and enjoy relaxing rejuvenation.
place: Sarkhej-Sanand Highway closed
entrance fees: INR 1500
Distance from city center: 19km
Time: 6.30 am-10.30pm

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7. Thole Lake Bird Sanctuary

For the perfect combination of the lake and the natural beauty with wildlife, visiting the Thole Lake Bird Sanctuary is a must. It consists of an artificial lake located in Mehsana district and has more than 150 species of most exotic birds and is one of nature’s picnic spots in Ahmedabad.

Traveling here should be done with a camera to capture the best bird species seen in the sanctuary. Not only can you regularly see migratory birds here, but also the world’s longest bird, the Sorce Crane. The sanctuary looks forward to your presence for a perfect picnic day with loved ones.
place: Thole Bird Sanctuary Road
entrance fees: INR 40 (Monday to Friday), INR 200 (Saturday to Sunday), additional INR 200 for the camera
Distance from city center: 25KM
Time: 6 AM to 5.30 PM (Sunday to Monday)

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8. Adalaj Step Well

This historic place is located a few kilometers from Ahmedabad and is so well liked by tourists that it is one of the best picnic spots in Ahmedabad. This historical place is the center of exploration of old tanks and wells. This step wall is the perfect backdrop to capture some great photos. The carving and painting on the wall is a clock. People wandered from place to place throughout the day. After exploring the place, visitors are usually seen heading to a nearby garden to eat.
place: Adalaj
entrance fees: No entry fee
Distance from city center: 19km
Time: 6: 00-06: 00

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9. Akshardham

If you are wondering how a temple can be one of the top picnic spots in Ahmedabad, then you will need a place to experience it in person. It is an extremely popular picnic spot that tourists visit every year, especially during winter. It is like exploring the beautiful architecture while offering its prayers to the tourists. Lawns are the perfect place to relax on the lawn of the temple. Visitors like to soak in the atmosphere that complements the offerings of the temple. An exhibition is also a display of the life of Lord Swaminarayan, which is an attractive feature of this temple.
place: Thole Bird Sanctuary Road
entrance fees: There is INR 60 for adults, INR 40 for children and INR 90 for watching water shows (adults) and INR 60 for children
Distance from city center: 28km
Time: 9.30 am – 7.30 pm

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The winters call for an ideal picnic time and the aforementioned picnic spots are a must in Ahmedabad. We hope that we have assimilated your questions and inspired you to plan a trip to Gujarat to discover these beautiful places. These picnic spots provide the perfect opportunity to ignore the week.

Frequently Asked Questions about Picnic Spot in Ahmedabad

Q. How many picnic spots are there in Ahmedabad?

a. There are 10-12 popular picnic spots in Ahmedabad.

Q. What is the best time to visit Ahmedabad?

a. The ideal time to visit Ahmedabad is during the winter months, from November to February. The weather is definitely pleasant at this time and visitors enjoy it while walking.

Q. What are the options for one day picnic tour in Ahmedabad?

a. A lot of picnic spots in Ahmedabad offer camping facilities, however, there are many hotels, resorts around the picnic spots of Ahmedabad which can be a great accommodation option.

Q. Is there an entry fee to a picnic spot in Ahmedabad?

a. Yes, picnic spots usually have an entry fee, which ranges from INR 10 to INR 300 depending on the picnic spot.

Q. What are the best spots to hang out with children?

a. If you are visiting Ahmedabad with family and need a kid-friendly picnic spot, then Maniyar’s Wonderland and Indrodaya Nature Park heads.

Q. What mode of transport is available for a 1 day picnic tour in Ahmedabad?

a. Tourists can rent a car or take advantage of Zoomcar and Self Drive for a day or two trip.

Q. Which birds can be seen in the bird sanctuaries of Ahmedabad?

a. Some of the birds commonly seen in Ahmedabad sanctuaries are flamingos, herons, eg, regrets, ducks, lalashankas, spoons, whistles.

Q. Which is the most famous picnic spot of Ahmedabad?

a. Some of the most prominent picnic spots in Ahmedabad include Indroda Nature Park, Nal Sarovar, Akshardham, Maniyar’s Wonderland etc.

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