Photo of Nicole Kidman Wearing a Walking Boot at Keith Urban’s Benefit Concert Sparks Concerns From Fans

  • Nicole Kidman suffered an ankle fracture while isolating herself in Nashville during the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • Fans spotted the injury for the first time after wearing a boot at her husband Keith Urban’s benefit concert for front-line workers in a drive-in movie theater on Friday.
  • Keith says she “hobbled” around the concert to support it and still celebrate the medical workers.

    Even though she self-isolated at home in Nashville during the COVID-19 pandemic, Nicole Kidman suffered a painful injury after breaking her ankle – she did not stop her from supporting her husband Keith Urban and front line workers. Friday, while playing a surprise benefit concert for medical workers at Vanderbilt University Medical Center in Tennessee, the 52-year-old actress was spotted on the grounds of Stardust Drive-In with a medical splint on her right foot. While Nicole shared photos and videos on Instagram in honor of her husband’s tribute to health heroes, she cut her feet from the photo; It wasn’t until another snapshot of the event was released elsewhere that fans began to wonder why Nicole was wearing the shoe.

    “She broke her ankle, but she’s a horsewoman,” Urban told Entertainment Tonight after sharing the photo on Instagram. “She was there last night among all the people, limping on her boot with her mask.”

    After Keith shared a video recap of his pop-up performance on Instagram, where more than 200 hospital workers gathered in their cars to overflow, a few fans asked him what had happened to Nicole. One user joked: “Nicole, did you hurt your foot while dancing to the music? Heal quickly”, while another commented: “I hope you don’t suffer. Heal Nicole.”

    Many fans have commented on Nicole and Keith’s Instagram posts to wish the actress a quick recovery, with messages of support, like the one posted by this Twitter user below.

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    We don’t know if Keith plans to hold more free concerts for healthcare professionals in Tennessee or beyond, but we bet Nicole will continue to support him and these heroes if he does – than the boot be cursed.

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