52 Best Phoenix Tattoo Designs with Images

Choosing a phoenix tattoo will be the best decision that you’ll ever make.  There are different designs that portray different meanings. Phoenix tattoos usually symbolize prestige, prosperity, honor, wisdom, and others.  Among all bird tattoo designs, the Phoenix tattoos are the most beautiful.  If you want it in a large size then you can place it at the back or at the chest.  Phoenix tattoos can also be matched with other tattoo designs such as wings, feather, dragon, fire and many more.  Phoenix tattoo designs can be done in a variety of colors.

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23. Phoenix Blazing Tattoos

Phoenix Blazing Tattoos

A very colorful tattoo idea for the legs.

24. Love and Peace

Phoenix Corazon

It means “love” and “peace.”

25. Phoenix Design For Women

Phoenix Design For Women

A tribal tattoo design for women.

26. Red Phoenix

Phoenix Drawing

A red phoenix tattoo looks awesome.

27. Phoenix and Flower Tattoos

Phoenix Images

A full back phoenix with spread wings combined with flowers.

28. Simple Tattoo Design

Phoenix Pictures

Some women want to have it done simply in one color.

29. Traditional Tattoo Design

Phoenix Quotes

This is one of the most common designs for phoenix tattoos.

30. Back Tattoo

Phoenix Rising From The Ashes

This is a nice full back tattoo for women.

31. Phoenix and Fish Tattoos

Phoenix Sleeve

Very superb work of art!

32. Phoenix Symbolism

Phoenix Symbolism

A rising blue phoenix tattoo on the back.

33. Phoenix Tattoos Design

Phoenix Tattoos Designs

A Chinese girl is fighting with the phoenix.

34. Phoenix Tattoo On Upper Arm

Phoenix Tattoo On Upper Arm

What a nice tattoo!

35. Phoenix Tattoos Designs And Ideas

Phoenix Tattoos Designs And Ideas

A blue phoenix tattoo is done on the full back of a woman.

36. Phoenix Tattoos For Guys

Half-sleeve tattoo design for men.

37. Upper Back Tattoo

Phoenix Tattoos For Men

Cute tattoo design for men on the upper back.

38. Phoenix Sleeve Tattoo

Phoenix Tattoos For Men Meaning

A full sleeve phoenix tattoo combined with flowers.

39. Phoenix with Tiger and Snake

Phoenix Tattoos For Men On Arm

This is a great combination.

40. Elegant Phoenix Tattoos

Phoenix Tattoos Meaning

This is a stylish way of wearing your phoenix tattoo.

41. Full Back Tattoo for Women

Phoenix Tattoos On Back

Some women enjoy having a  large tattoo design.

42. Black Tattoo Design

Phoenix Tattoos Pinterest

A simple yet beautiful lower back tattoo for women.

43. Matching Phoenix Tattoos

Phoenix Thigh Tattoos

Two pieces of phoenix tattoo designs are done on both shoulders along with some quotes looks cute on the back of a woman.

44. Arm Tattoo

Realistic Phoenix

The feathers look awesome!

45. Rib Phoenix Tattoos

Rib Phoenix Tattoo

The heart is a muscle rebuilding after being torn.

46. Rising Phoenix with Flowers

Phoenix tattoos can look more beautiful when combined with other elements.

47. Back Tattoo for Women

Skull Tattoos Designs

Large work of art is usually placed at the back.

48. Tribal Phoenix Tattoos

Snake Tattoos Designs

A tribal phoenix tattoo is another design that is perfect for men and women.

49. Best Back Tattoo

Sonia Phoenix Tattoo

Phoenix tattoos with various colors are the best.

50. Tribal Tattoo Design

Souless Ghost Eyes

Tribal tattoo design ideas for women.

51. Stunning Phoenix Tattoos

Stunning Phoenix Tattoos

The best placement for a small tattoo is behind the ears.

52. Blazing Phoenix Tattoo

Thunderbird Tattoo

A wonderful tattoo idea for women and men.

What does a Phoenix Tattoo Mean?

Phoenix tattoos symbolize rebirth as well as resurrection. It is a firebird that originated from Greek, Egyptian and Phoenician mythologies. Some people recognized it as a mythological bird but are not aware of its story. Generally, this creature is believed to have lived for a thousand years at a time. When the 1000 years have ended, it will make a nest with twigs and burn it including itself. After the burning is done, a new phoenix will arise from the ashes. This will occur after three years and this new creature will have a life for another 1000 years. Sometimes this story is amended depending on the place where it came from.  However, there is only one moral of the story which is – the phoenix will rise again and again.

People love phoenix tattoos because of their beauty and symbolic meanings.  They want this tattoo inked on their side and back. It is also adorned by several celebrities.  Melanie C (aka Sporty Spice) is wearing a big phoenix tattoo on her upper back.  Melanie Brown or Mel B (aka Scary Spice) is also sporting a phoenix tattoo on her right shoulder. However, the most controversial one is Ben Affleck’s phoenix tattoo on the back. Phoenix designs are also used as a part of Yakuza tattoos.  Which phoenix tattoo is your favorite?

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