The phenomenon of veganism

The phenomenon of veganism

Veganism Vegan
Veganism Vegan

Who is a vegan? Conventionally, as every one of us knows, a vegan is one who abstains from taking non veg food like meat, egg , chicken, or any animal food. In a certain loose sense, we can call such a person vegetarian as against non –vegetarian who consumes all animal food. But strictly speaking, vegan means something more. A vegan goes still further than a conventional vegetarian. A vegan does not permit even dairy products in his diet. He relies only on products of grains derived from plants. One would be surprised to think as to how a human being can survive without dairy products. From where the necessary ingredients for a human being survival -vitamin, calcium, protein come from? But a vegan has answers to all these queries. And we would be surprised  to note that even  modern day  favorite cuisines  like pizza and other fast food can also be prepared from vegan material. If we look in depth, we would find that this phenomenon of veganism started as late as 1944 in England where people had realized the fruits of living on a vegan’s diet. 

         Now, a question arises as to why people thought of a vegan diet? Of course, due to health concerns. Any product derived from animal; be it meat; or fish or whatever non veg that we consume ultimately affect our health in one way or the other. Sometimes, a habitual non vegetarian has a tendency to put on much weight which , if not ,checked cautiously may lead to obesity which , in turn, may cause heart problems, asthma and other dreaded diseases. Here, it is not to suggest that a vegetarian cannot be overweight or cannot be infected with the aforesaid diseases. But definitely, the chances are less as compared to a non vegetarian. The reason is simple. The calories that are associated with a non vegetarian item like egg are much higher than a vegetarian item. Hence, risk factor, naturally, is low in a vegan diet.        

      Apart from health concerns, some subscribe to vegan diet from ethical point of view also. Cruelty to animals is just unbearable to a staunch vegan. He abhors the idea of killing any animal for food. Not to speak of food, he would not like to see even an ant being trampled upon by afoot even accidently. This belief has spiritual over tones. And a person having this bent of mind not only follows a vegan diet but propagates it also.     

        Now, to conclude, without going into the merits and demerits of a vegan diet, I, for one, believe that god has produced everything on this earth with a certain purpose. He has invested each soul with a peculiar trait. And so, every one of us acts according to our whim and fancy and each one of us think that ours is the only noble act: be it of eating a chicken or any vegetarian delicacy. And at the same time, as is human instinct, we decry anything which poses opposition to us. So, whether we belong to a vegan clan or oppose it, it hardly matters. What matters is our attitude to such a phenomenon called vegan which, after all, is a gift of almighty to us mortals.   

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