Petra Ecclestone’s Ex-Husband Charged With Money Laundering And Forgery In The Latest In A Long Line Alleged Lies And Misdeeds

Petra Ecclestone’s Ex-Husband Charged With Money Laundering: Well, heiress of Formula 1 Petra Ecclestone must count his lucky stars these days for divorcing his ex and baby dad James Stunt. He has a long history of erratic behavior, which we will address shortly, but now he is charged with what in the United States would be two counts of money laundering and counterfeiting. The former art collector and trader in gold bullion has been charged after a thorough investigation by West Yorkshire Police. A hearing date has been set for July 9.

Stunt attacked social media to defend himself, calling the charges “the biggest miscarriage of justice”. He went on to say “False FYI is my sound system with my permission using my signature on my own check in my own lmao account …”

We are not sure if we are buying Stunt’s declarations of innocence. He has shown his character several times in the past few years. In 2017, Ecclestone locked herself in a bathroom in the London Mansion shared at $ 87.6 million by the then couple due to a violent fight with her then separated husband. Stunt is said to be famous for his temper and short fuse. Stunt referred to billionaire ex-stepfather in preliminary couple divorce hearing Bernie Ecclestone like some coarse four-letter word that starts with a “c”.

Ecclestone is also not a fan of his former son-in-law. He called Stunt erratic and said he threatened to cut off his head during an argument. After Petra locked herself in the toilet, the police arrived home, she was shaken, but fortunately, she was not injured.

Petra Ecclestone's Ex-Husband Charged With Money Laundering
Petra Ecclestone’s Ex-Husband Charged With Money Laundering

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The former couple met on a blind date in 2006. They married in a lavish $ 15 million event in Italy in 2011. Stunt signed a pre-nupt worth of just over $ 17 million.

The former couple has a daughter and twin sons. Petra obtained sole custody of their three children.

In 2018, James Stunt’s assets were frozen and he was declared bankrupt with debts of more than $ 6.2 million. Her $ 13.6 million luxury chalet in Belgravia, central London, was taken over with two other apartments, each valued at $ 6.2 million. Later that year, Stunt reported that he had been deprived of nearly $ 126 million in cash, gold and precious stones from his London home. Apparently, Stunt had recently moved into the house in the Belgravia area and had not yet had time to install a security system. The items were allegedly stolen from his safe, located in the basement of the house. Stunt reported the theft on December 14e. He considers it internal work and suspects one of his five security guards, butler or another domestic worker. There was no evidence of a break-in. In fact, his former bodyguard, who was on duty overnight the night in question, told the press that Stunt was lying and that there was no break-in, which is another black mark on his character.

In addition, the same bodyguard also revealed that Stunt paid him to provide him with a urine sample so that he could cheat on a drug test and see his children.

Then, in the fall of 2019, Stunt was charged with loaning counterfeit paintings to the Prince Charles Foundation. A few months later, he was charged with attempting to borrow $ 51.7 million against these same paintings. This led to speculation that the loan to Prince Charles was intended to increase the value of these works by displaying them in the Dumfries house, where the Prince Charles Foundation is located. The three allegedly forged paintings were part of a group of 17 works which, some time ago, were loaned to Dumfries House for a period of ten years, and were believed to be the work of the masters Monet, Picasso, and Dalí. But an American artist by the name of Tony Tetro claims to have painted the three works himself, submitting his claims to the press and having the paintings removed from the public.

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