Petra Ecclestone Net Worth

Is Petra Ecclestone’s net worth Petra’s?

Petra Ecclestone is a British-born model, heiress and socialite, and fashion designer with an estimated wealth around $400 million. Petra is from a affluent family. Her father is Formula One executive Bernie Ecclestone. Bernie has an estimated wealth in the range of $3.3 billion. Her mother Slavica is a well-known ex- Croatian model. Her sister is a socialite Tamara Ecclestone.

In the present, Petra is perhaps best recognized for her involvement in the fashion industry and her work as a male-specific designer. Petra is also famous for her time as the proprietor of The Spelling Manor, which is one among Los Angeles’ largest private homes. The house was purchased at the time of her purchase for $8 million. She then made improvements worth $20 million before selling the property in 2019 for $120 million.

Petra is also a person who is always in the news media spotlight. While she isn’t the only one to receive the constant stream of media attention, there is always to be a new gossip about Petra and her actions. Ecclestone is also famous for her relationship with James Stunt, and for her lucrative real estate ventures.

Early Life

Petra Ecclestone was born on December 19th , 1988. She was born in Westminister, London, England. Her mother is famous Armani fashion model Slavica Ecclestone. Her father is Formula One billionaire Bernie Ecclestone. She was raised with two brothers and sisters and grew up speaking English as well as Croatian. Later on she studied Italian as well as French.

At 14 years old, Petra contracted meningitis. This made her a self-proclaimed “health freak,” and today Ecclestone is said to be obsessed with health, hygiene as well as vitamins and clean living.


Ecclestone was aware of her desire to become a fashion designer at an early age. She decided to focus on menswear as she believed that women’s clothing was “too saturated.” At 19 years of age, Ecclestone started the menswear label FORM. While her line was sold through retailers like Harrods the label eventually dissolved after just 14 months of operation. The year 2009 was the time she concluded an agreement with the Croatian clothing manufacturer Siscia. The year 2011 was the first time Petra launched a collection of accessory under the name Stark. The collection featured handbags that had 24 carat gold-plated details.

Spelling Manor

In 2011 Petra purchased in 2011, the Spelling mansion (also called “The Manor”) in Beverly Hills, paying $85 million cash for the house. The mansion was constructed for Aaron as well as Candy Spelling and remains the largest single-family home located in Los Angeles County. It is larger in size than White House, the Spelling Manor is home to over 100 rooms as well as a bowling alley and a wine cellar as well as a barbershop. Outside there are the tennis court, Koi pondsand pools, as well as a citrus orchard. More than 100 cars can be accommodated inside the Manor’s tennis court.

Then, in 2010, Petra bought another house in London’s wealthy neighbourhood in Chelsea in the amount of $90million. After her purchase, Petra has received offers of more than $125 million from buyers keen on purchasing her London property.

At one point, she decided that she did not want to live in the Spelling Estate, and she put it on the market for sale at a wildly overpriced cost. In the beginning, she attempted to sell the property at a price of $200 million, but buyers shied away from this costly residence. After many years of negotiations and price changes, Ecclestone settled on a value of $120 million and took an offer in the year the year 2019. This was the largest value of sale ever recorded in Californian historical records at the time.

It’s worth noting that Petra invested at the very minimum $20 million into her house, spending huge sums for numerous renovations and remodels. This $20 million was put into things like maintenance and taxes. When you make the deal, Petra “only” earned the sum of 15 million dollars from the Beverly Hills real estate deal.

Although it may seem absurd to suggest that the $15 million profit isn’t a huge amount but one must consider the investment potential that was there for the $85 million initial investment back in the year 2011. Had she taken the same amount and put it into the S&P the amount would be $170 million without charges (before the tax). If she had bought Apple stock and shares, she’d have $330 million. If she had bought Amazon stock, she’d be able to claim $865 million.


in 2006 Petra Ecclestone met businessman James Stunt on a blind date. In 2011, five years later they tied the knot at a lavish, $15 million wedding ceremony in Italy. The bride was reported to have worn the Vera Wang gown with a cost of around 80k. Paris as well as Nicky Hilton and a number of other famous people were attending the wedding. Famous musicians were hired to play.

In the following years The couple welcomed three more children to the world with twins included.

Petra’s union with Stunt did not come without a hitch. The socialite was allegedly kept herself inside a bathroom following an argument with her ex-partner. The divorce proceedings started between the couple in 2017 Stunt made snide remarks regarding Petra’s father in an appearance in court. As we’re discussing the case of Bernie Ecclestone, it’s worth noting his claim that Formula One founder has claimed that Stunt once threatened to “blow his daughter’s head off.”

Following the split of Petra and Stunt He was hit financially. In the year 2018 the assets of his were frozen, and Petra was forced into declaring bankruptcy. A large portion of his multi-million-dollar estates were confiscated, and he later claimed the thieves had taken the sum of $126million in money and jewels. Additionally, Stunt has been accused of lending fake artworks for the Royal family.

Petra’s separation from Stunt was not a pleasant one. The following few years, the former couple were known to publicly attack one another due to a variety of reasons. Stunt claimed it was as if Petra was “lobotomized” following their wedding and each Bernie and Petra claimed that James of becoming dependent on substances during their time together. In the course of time, Petra became engaged to Sam Palmers, a classic car dealer.