Petr Kellner – The Richest Person In The Czech Republic –

The richest person in the Czech Republic has lost his life in a helicopter crash while vacationing in Alaska. 56-year-old Petr Kallner and four others died during a heli-skiing trip to the back country of Alaska.

Kelner was a billionaire financier who co-founded the investment fund PPF in 1991. PPF was a huge success when it became the owner of the largest insurance company in the Czech Republic.

At the time of his death, Kellner, who had assets of $ 19 billion, was also a friend of billionaire Russian oligarch Roman Abramovich.

The helicopter he went down on Saturday, March 27, near Naik Glacier, about 50 miles east of AnchorageTh. The four others who lost their lives were 50-year-old Benjamin LaRocheck of the Czech Republic, 52-year-old Gregory Harms of Colorado, and two Alaskans, 38-year-old Sean McManney and a 33-year-old pilot. Helicopter, Zachary Russell. The sixth person is in a serious but stable condition at an Alaska hospital.

Passengers aboard the helicopter included three guests and two guides from Todrillo Mountain Lodge, which caters to the heli-skiing crowd with a luxury package starting at around $ 15,000 per person.

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Kelner’s company has offices in 25 countries in Europe, North America and Asia and has assets of $ 52 billion.

In October 2020 he paid $ 1.1 billion for Central European Media Enterprises, a large European media conglomerate.

He was the former co-owner of the Czech football club Slavia Prague. He is married twice and has four children.

A spokesman for Tordrillo Mountain Resort said Kellner and Larochaix were “loyal and frequent” guests of the hotel. Gregory Harms was the foremost and leading heli-ski guide in Alaska. He was appointed by the resort for many years. McMoney had 10 years of experience as a heli-skiing guide and had worked at the resort for the past five years. Tordillo Mountain Resort is located on Judd Lake, about 60 miles northwest of Anchorage. This report sells itself as the longest running heli-skiing lodge in Alaska. This is the first time in the resort’s 17-year history that they had a disaster of this proportion.

In a statement on Sunday, Alaska State Troopers revealed that they received reports of an overcrowded helicopter with the location of a possible crashed wreck Saturday night. A rescue team rushed to the site to try to recover any corpses before carrying any corpses and throwing more snow into the area. The team found five dead men and a lone survivor. The helicopter missed clearing a ridge on an inaccessible mountain 10 to 15 feet. It crashed at 6:34 pm local time and slipped down 800 to 900 feet before coming to rest.

Heli-skiing is done with few risks. This is done in an undeveloped back country where avalanche risk is high.

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