Peter Weber Is Struggling After the Bachelor Finale

Peter Weber Is Struggling After the Bachelor Finale

The finale of the hit reality shows The Bachelor saw a bit of controversy. Peter Weber paired up with Madison Prewett at the end, a move that Weber’s mother wasn’t all that fond of. The move coming not long after an extremely brief engagement with Hannah Ann Sluss certainly surprised many, especially Weber’s mother. She stated during the broadcast that Weber and Sluss weren’t going to last all that long.

As it turns out, she was right. Weber and Prewett have officially broken off their relationship. Even more amazing, it all happened about two days after the Bachelor finale aired.

Peter Weber Is Struggling
Peter Weber Is Struggling

Peter Weber stated on his Instagram page at @Pilot_Pete that he and Madison Prewett have called everything off. He stated that he felt this was the best thing that could be done between the two. He also said that he accepted full responsibility for his actions in the past. Weber also said that Hannah Ann Sluss is a positive woman and that he accepts responsibility for anything he had done with her in the past.

Prewett also responded on her Instagram page at @madiprew. She was thankful for having known Weber, and she appreciates him for everything he has done. She was looking forward to what she and Weber would do in the future, even though they are both apart.

The Big Concern

The greatest worry surrounding Weber involves his desires for Prewett. Weber had denied Prewett earlier in the season in favour of Sluss. The issue came as Prewett revealed that she wasn’t interested in sexual activity with Weber and that she was waiting until after marriage to have sex with someone. Prewett’s religious values appeared to clash with whatever Weber believes, thus creating a bit of controversy and concern.

What Does Sluss Think?

One worry for Weber involves what Sluss thinks about him. She felt betrayed by Weber in that she felt she had trusted him for so long. Her moment ended up being an intense breakup moment in Bachelor history.

It is uncertain as to what Sluss is thinking about at the moment. But Weber’s desire to reach out to her and acknowledge the issue is a step in the right direction.

The Mother’s Attitude

The next point surrounding Weber that has been a concern involves how his mother jumped into the spotlight. Barb Weber stated that he needs to fail in a relationship if he wishes to succeed in one in the future. She was very open over her unhappiness over what her son was doing here.

The move has caused a bit of controversy, as some people are uncertain about her attitude. There’s an argument out there that she should not have been so critical of her son’s decision, especially given that she was right there near him and in front of a national television audience.

Peter Weber’s move has proven to be a good point of discussion. But all the things that have been happening surrounding the Bachelor finale and its aftermath have proven to be intriguing.

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