Personal Injury Attorney – How To Find Them

A personal injury attorney specializes in handling personal injury cases – complaints and transactions. A lawyer with long years of service can be beneficial, but what you need to look for is his multitude of legal skills and, of course, a depth of knowledge about your special case. If you have a long line of personal injury cases that you have managed and won in the past, the better. Otherwise, look for someone who already knows the drill.

Searching for personal injury lawyers may never be easy, especially if you don’t know where to start the search, how to do it, and who to look for. If you live in New York, your difficulties may even be twice as difficult. So, here are some tips on how to find and find your personal injury attorney:

Legally accredited law firms

Anyone would prefer a high-quality law firm to handle their cases. And to find first-rate lawyers, you need to be sure that you are looking at law firms that have been legally accredited by the accreditation legal agencies in your country. Start by looking at the official State Bar Association page and check if the businesses you have in mind are recognized by the status bar.

Official pages

Many law firms in America have a corresponding official website. Use your favorite search engine and narrow your search. For example, if you type “Manhattan injury lawyers”, your search engine will give you a million results. Once you enter the site, be sure to check out the history of the law firm. The downside of this is that there is a good chance that websites won’t even give you the percentage of cases they didn’t win compared to the cases they did.


Finally, there is nothing more convincing than a personal interview. After checking your background, make an appointment with the law firm of your choice. Most of the time, a law firm asked you about your case before deciding if they would like to be hired or not. I know it’s upside down, but that’s what it usually is (although there are exemptions, of course). In fact, there are companies that may not want to handle your personal injury case, especially if the monetary compensation is too low for their standard professional commission. While not all of them, most companies will want to get at least 20-30% of the monetary commission after winning the case. Therefore, if you believe that your case can be handled without the help of lawyers and legal proceedings, you can do so. Many plaintiffs handled their cases on their own.

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