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Perfumes for women and men that make you travel – Fashion.it

Perfumes for women and men that make you travel – Fashion.it

When will we start traveling again? In this period of “soft lockdown”Is one of the questions we ask ourselves. We could soon travel to our beautiful Italy, but the mind wanders towards foreign countries, exotic destinations, romantic or ultra-modern cities. And since travel begins inside the head, in our brain, i perfumes for women, men and unisex they can take us to known destinations, but also to unexplored places. Perfume becomes the pretext for traveling around the world. “I am convinced that our mind can recreate a place and its olfactory facets even if it has never been visited,” he says Sergio Momo, founder & creative director of Xerjoff, a maison of artistic fragrances. “Through stories, images, sounds and music, we have recently created APOLLONIA, a perfume dedicated to the Moon that probably no one will ever smell. But we still managed to tell the satellite, working on the astrophysical and romantic perception that belongs to it ”.

Looking for sensations

All the big noses travel the world in search of new ideas, olfactory impressions and images. They also travel to find the best natural bases, the ingredients of excellent quality to create “le jus“. This intense bond is deepened in the book Travel and perfumes by Gianni De Martino and Luigi Cristiano (Ed. Apogeo), a book that traces the geographical map: from the desert valley of Dadès to the humid Mexican forest; from the blue skies of the Mediterranean maquis to the night streets of Istanbul; from V Avenue, the beating heart of New York, to the Medine of Arab cities. So we learn that Jean Paul Guerlain he only buys bergamot in Calabria, sandalwood and tuberose in India. Serge Lutensinstead, it is strongly linked to Morocco, has lived in Marrakech for over 30 years, and in its perfumes it always brings out the dry materials, the woods such as sandalwood, cedar, oud, “the nobility of perfumery” as it calls it he. Edmond Roudnitska, one of the greatest perfumers, he was responsible for the creation of Eau Sauvage which marked a turning point in men’s perfumery oriented towards Eaux Fraîches, was very close to Grasse, the city of flowers par excellence.

Olfactory memory

Each of us has an olfactory memory, the notes – be they women’s, men’s or unisex perfumes – that are part of our personal background, capable of arousing emotions and memories. “The notes of closed environments such assmell of bread freshly baked, the peel of the squeezed citrus fruits, the white musks, which bring us back to the freshness of the freshly washed sheets with Marseille soaps “, continues Momo,” And again the kitchen with desserts, butter, vanilla, sugar, the spices of the Christmas, the sweet wine of family celebrations. There are ‘outdoor’ notes, such as the brackish sea air and alpine vegetation, the freshly cut grass, the rain. Then we have the personal notes, those that belong to a private sphere, difficult to share and complex to tell. Finally ours do you travel, which we remember not only through the photos but also from the smells we encountered on the way. Known and therefore more easily and quickly ‘traceable’ smells and scents when they come back. “

The most evocative notes

Are there notes that remind us of the sea, a beautiful sunny day, the charm of the Orient? Olfactory pyramid that recreate the smells of markets, deserts, distant islands? “Of course, perfumes are often of artistic exasperations of smells found in nature or in specific places”Says Momo. “The sea is represented by ozone notes. The East and theAfrica they are rich in scents and strong and very connotative notes, the heat exasperates the notes and makes the molecules travel very far with marked persistence. Sandalwood, Oud, amber and musk, spices, coffee and incense tell the storyOrient. The Indie and South East Asia they find their expression in exotic flowers such as Ylang Ylang and Jasmine, in exotic fruit, mango and pineapple, and in aromatic plants. The distant islands, in particular the Indian ones, are represented with spicy notes while the Caribbean or Cuban islands they are rich in olfactory universes that refer to Rum and fresh tobacco plantations. A final clarification: the notes can be of natural, synthetic extraction or a mix of the two, the important thing is to succeed in the journey of making the perfume wearer travel on a magic carpet to their favorite destination. “

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