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PERFORMANCE – Have Cricket Players Standards Lifted or Dropped

PERFORMANCE – Have Cricket Players Standards Lifted or Dropped

cricket players performanceIndia has proved to uplift their game standards. From the recent world cup match they have come up excellent performance with many positives to pick up from the game.  Brilliant batting by Dhavan, Kohli and Raina has proved it.  Fielding too has been excellent and was proved by Shami and Ashwin.

All the players right from bowling, batting and fielding have enhanced their quality of performance which has made feel proud to the country. As years pass by the techniques also keeps on changing and the players do as per the requirement of the situation.  Cricket game depends on the performance only. You perform well and the trophy is in your hand, that’s it!

Players although undergo tough training in advance but it all depends on the luck factor on the day you perform.  The starting of the game should begin with a positive attitude and move certainly you can presume a positive result.

Some of the team players are very lucky, they may not perform well throughout but, when it comes to world cup, they put in their cent percent and try to win the cup. It can be seen in the recent world cup match that South Africa, world’s best all round performers was defeated by India.  The SA team is far more superior to other teams. They are very faster and their throwing ability is very speedy which has made them run across the field very swiftly. This has made their fielding side much more terrific.

The players need to be sharp and alert, on and off the field.  It is very essential that every player should make him well prepared and try to be more talented and innovative so that he can increase his level of play.

Whenever the player is not fussy about his game then he has a focus on this game and has an aim of playing. His objective is just to come on the pitch score his runs, field well and give his 100 % and go back to his dressing room. This is very essential for a player that is focusing on certain thing with an aim.

Indian players in the recent match have been very systematically placed in proper order.  Especially the batting order is perfect and hopes it does not disturbed. The bowlers should be gauged properly whether he will be able to bowl much better in the later stages. The leader should be able to study the bowler as well as the batsman.

Keeping all this point and making a thorough study of it will enable you to take the game at a higher level. Once you get used to playing against a top team at a certain level and after having played against them, are very sure that the standard of player has surely gone high.

The recent matches have proved it. Matches played against Pakistan which was a high esteemed match where Indian cricketers’ proved to be the best. The credit goes to the entire team effort but even if you believe it or not the bowlers played an upper hand which could make it possible to win the match. Kohli, Dhavan and Raina were outstanding in their performances.

India has been generating players in the batting line up which has surprised the world.  If players like Sachin Tendulkar or Dravid have retired the country can surely make a new batsman or a bowler to make up an excellent team and it is the truth.  India can make gems in the world of cricket with a challenge.

Wishing all the best for Indian Cricket for the ensuing finals.

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