Perfect skin: the secret is Sensai Absolute Silk

Perfect skin: the secret is Sensai Absolute Silk

In a time when traveling is an incredible gym for fantasy, we want to take you in Japan. In a Japan of long ago, at the time when the silk thread it was worked manually. To deal with it were women who, despite the hard work, always had hands characterized by one perfect skin.

Perfect skin: the secret is Sensai Absolute Silk
Perfect skin: the secret is Sensai Absolute Silk 1

And it is precisely from this evidence that SENSAI, maison always in search of excellence, it has dedicated itself to a decades-long search for beauty by landing on the precious Koishimaru silk: once exclusively reserved to the Japanese imperial family and therefore also known as “Real silk”.

The Koishimaru silk is distinguished by the extraordinary, unmatched aesthetic properties. With its shine, delicate shades of brightness, ethereal texture and exceptional lightness it wraps the skin like a veil, giving it a feeling of profound well-being.

SENSAI researchers have discovered that Koishimaru Silk has the exclusive ability to stimulate the production of hyaluronic acid – a natural substance found in the skin, where it performs an important moisturizing and structural function – essential for obtaining perfect, flawless and silky skin.

Embodying the most noble expression of Japanese beauty, SENSAI research goes beyond the boundaries of skin research with the aim of replicating the extraordinary properties of Koishimaru Silk, unique in their kind: for example the ability to reflect the different shades of light, from natural brightness to more intense radiance; that of wrapping the skin like a silk veil, giving a feeling of profound well-being; finally, the impalpable lightness and textures incredibly velvety.

Thus was born the line SENSAI Absolute Silk, perfect variation of the Koishimaru Silk,
whose prodigious powers are at the heart of each product, allows women to enter the new era of beauty. The exclusive formula is the basis of the line Koishimaru Silk RoyalTM.

Formulated with anti-aging ingredients and endowed with the same extraordinary properties of Koishimaru Silk, Koishimaru Silk RoyalTM, in addition to stimulating the production of hyaluronic acid both in the epidermis and in the dermis thus ensuring a deep hydration, tones the skin with its precious energy. The formula it also counteracts the weakening of skin protective barriers as well as the loss of hydration, thus preventing the roughness of the skin and at the same time inhibiting the formation of AGE (Advanced Glycation Final Products) and the oxidative process responsible for opacity.

The SENSAI Absolute Skin line is characterized by three products from the incredible performance. Which we present here.

Micro Mousse Treatment from the SENSA Absolute Skin lineI is an innovative anti-aging lotion with an extraordinary texture: a light mousse whose effervescent micro-bubbles associated with Koishimaru Silk RoyalTM, an exclusive patented formula, visibly improves skin conditions. At the time of application, the micro-bubbles, with a diameter smaller than that of the skin pores, generate an effervescent effect: the revitalized and invigorated skin thus regains a younger and more toned appearance, is smoother and more luminous.
HOW TO USE: morning and evening, after cleansing, dispense the right amount of product (about 3 cm in diameter) by holding the container upright and without shaking it beforehand. Apply gently and slowly on the face taking care not to break the microbubbles and to absorb completely. The result will be better using the double application of the SAHO method. Continue with the use of Fluid or Cream.

Fluid from SENSAI’s Absolute Skin line it is a rich and refreshing fluid that deeply hydrates the skin, filling it as from the inside. Returns a velvety skin, wrapped as in a silk veil.
HOW TO USE: morning and evening, apply on the face after applying Micro Mousse Treatment,

Cream of the Absolute Skin line by SENSAI it is a sumptuous but light cream that fills the skin, hydrating it thoroughly, wrapping it gently in an impalpable silk veil.
HOW TO USE: morning and evening, apply on face after Micro Mousse Treatment.

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