Pedodontists – Dental Specialists for Children

The services of a pedodontist should be sought, for routine dental examinations and prophylactic care. Teeth cleanings should be performed if necessary. If a tooth is taken, a pedodontist will place a space maintainer in that location, so that the adult tooth is properly formed there.

Sucking thumb: –

Especially in children up to 4 years. If this persists after this age, a pedodontist should be consulted. This could cause the front teeth to protrude. This can lead to overbiting.

A pedodontist might advise putting on braces at a later stage. He can refer the child to an orthodontist (provide orthopedic care), if the teeth and jaws develop abnormally.

Tongue thrust: –

Some children have a habit of sticking their tongues out. It could protrude the lower jaw.

A pedodontist may advise braces for this as well and orthopedic care may be required.

Sucking lips: –

Some children have a habit of sucking their lower lip. It also leads to incorrect development of the teeth.

The remedy is the same as mentioned above.

Most of all, a pediatric dentist has a positive approach towards children and their dental problems. To get rid of all these bad habits other than cavities, pedodontists also advise a psychological approach. Most children opt for thumb sucking, lip sucking, etc. because they lack security. Parents should not tease or beat the child for this, but rather reward the child every time they stop doing it.

Infant care

Infants should be taken to the dentist as soon as their baby teeth appear, that is, around the age of 7 or 8 months. An early dental consultation with a pedodontist helps to seek advice on baby feeding, bottle use, fluoride use, and tooth brushing. Pedodontists take care of preventive dental care at this age. The pedodontist will educate parents about the effects of nutrition on dental health. In early consultation with the pedodontist, children will also be comfortable with their doctor at a later stage.

6 to 12 years old: –

The period during which baby teeth fall out and adult teeth enter. This is the period of mixed dentition. Every 6 months, you must consult a pedodontist. Children and parents should brush their teeth twice a day. Parents should also floss once a week. Most children tend to copy adults. If cavities appear in children, it means that the parents also tend to develop cavities.

In general, small children do not like a stranger to bite himself in the mouth. But most children and toddlers become friendly with their pediatric dentist as soon as their appointment is over. It depends on the dentist’s approach to the child. Even apart from the teeth and jaws. A pedodontist examines the head, neck and face of a child. It examines the overall growth of the facial area as well as the symmetry and proportion of growth of each facial organ.

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