Patrick Cornett Runs Into Burning Building to Save Neighbors

90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days alum, Patrick Cornett, was called a hero after running into a burning building to save his neighbors.

90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days, star Patrick Cornett was called a hero in Las Vegas after he ran into a burning building to save his neighbors. His fellow residents are praising him for his heroics, even though the apartment burned to ashes. Fans are just happy to hear that he is safe and sound, as he was a fan favorite.

TLC fans will remember that Cornett dated a French woman named Myriam Mana, who in the end just wanted to be friends. While he ventured over to Paris, the woman of his dreams ended up having a boyfriend. Cornett has moved on as he now has two children and made a move to Sin City. Since his time on the show, Cornett has laid low but is thrilled to be alive after the horrific and devastating fire that swept through his family’s home.

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WAVY News reported the story about Cornett lost everything on March 14 when a house fire engulfed his residence. The news outlet revealed that the fire ended up killing one person while the blaze and smoke injured numerous others. But no matter how hot under the collar the reality star got, he tried his best to warn everyone in his complex.

The MMA fighter was heard shouting to the residents of the complex in hopes of waking people up from their deep sleep and making sure they got out safe. Cornett told the news outlet that “Objects can always be replaced. But people can’t.” The TLC personality said that all he thought about was saving the lives of his neighbors and friends. The fighter ran around barefoot and climbed a tree to help anyone he could, telling them to leave their possessions behind. The 90 Day Fiance alum even gave the firefighters a hand with their hose.

Sadly, even though he was physically fit to save his life and others, he was left with nothing but the clothes on his back. But luckily, a GoFundMe page has been set up so the television star can try and earn some money. The fundraiser has already reached $5,000. The description also asks for household essentials such as groceries, cleaning materials, and pillows. Fans are hoping that Cornett can rebuild his life quickly, especially since he was such a help to everyone around him.

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Source: WAVY News

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