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Patio Refresh with Olympic Stain

When you upgrade your patio, you want something that is functional but also beautiful. Corey Decker from Sawdust to Stitches did just that by updating their garden furniture with a fresh new layer of stain and seal and building an outer planter wall to accommodate some green. Read on to see how Corey refreshed her patio with The Home Depot’s Olympic Stain.

I’ll come out right away and say it, our porch has been neglected. Sure, I bought some chairs a few years ago, but that’s about it. The last few years have not been kind to the rocking chairs mentioned and they are in a rather sad state. To be honest, I was just not very motivated. Life in Florida has hesitated to give this area a new face. I didn’t want all of my hard work to be destroyed by the Florida heat. Have you ever experienced this fear? Well, I’m happy to let you know that I found the answer. The best thing you can do to protect your wood projects is pickling and sealing. Olympic Stain has the products you need to do it all in one go!

So let’s get started. Do you remember the chairs I mentioned? Well, I was about to throw in the towel and give up hope on her. I’ve washed and sealed these chairs (not with Olympic Stain) several times, only to find that they look old and rough in just a few weeks. It was so frustrating! The song and dance were getting old, so I thought I’d try a different approach.

Step 1: clean surfaces

In the past, washing and sanding these chairs took several days. It was an arduous task and I was not ready to do it again. After a little research and reading reviews, I found something that looked promising. Olympic has developed a product (Deck Cleaner) especially for cleaning wooden projects outdoors to prepare the pickling and sealing. Heck, I tried everything else, right?

Best decision ever! It was the easiest 15 minute project ever. I only needed a gallon of Olympic Deck Cleaner (about $ 10) and a plastic spray bottle. If you are working on a large area, I would recommend using a 1 gallon pump sprayer. After reading the instructions carefully and following the safety precautions, I started to spray down my first chair. That’s it, you heard that right. All you have to do is spray on and wait 5-10 minutes. Boom, done.

I set a timer for ten minutes and watched a miracle happen. All grains affected by sun damage and mold disappeared. No need to scrub, it was just gone! After the ten minutes, I grabbed the garden hose and rinsed the chair thoroughly.

Take a close look at that before (left) and after (right). All weathering and mildew are gone. It had pulled the chair down so far that it was ready to get a new stain and sealant.

Step 2: dye and seal

It is time to give these chairs a new life. While I like the natural wood tone, I have a vision for this rear terrace makeover and it requires something a little more moody. I knew I needed something that had both stains and seals on it, and I definitely wanted something that was more opaque than a traditional stain. After doing my research, I found that Olympic Elite Solid is number 1 and offers a lot of color options. You have a few patterns in stock, and there are more options online. I chose “Ebony” for these chairs, a delicious dark anthracite. I went to my local Home Depot paint department and they mixed it up properly.

After completely drying my chairs, I started applying my Olympic Elite Solid Stain. I don’t want to outbid that, but this stuff runs super smooth with perfect coverage!

Olympic Elite Solid totally exceeded my expectations. In my limited experience with stains / seals, they were always messy, fluid, and required multiple layers. Not this stuff! I had great success with a brush in the corners and rolling the slats, but then I thought I would try to speed up the process.

I loaded my paint sprayer with the new color “Ebony” and it went on like butter! In a matter of minutes I had brand new chairs with flawless coverage. Color impressed me.

Step 3: Let the stain dry and shape it

I started to work with new confidence in garden furniture. So much so that I decided that this terrace needed a little interest in the back wall.

I wanted to incorporate the beautiful deep Olympic “ebony” color of my chairs, but I also wanted a bit of contrast and warmth that would bring wood tones, and I had a great idea.

Just like I hesitated to dye chairs, I used to be afraid to build garden furniture. While there are some woods that contain natural / chemical preservatives, they are usually quite expensive. On the other hand, a cheaper common board is usually not intended for outdoor use.

Olympic Elite Stain and Sealer offers the best of both worlds. It enables the use of inexpensive materials with the additional protection that wood needs to look optimal. You can use any building material you prefer with complete confidence, it will look amazing.

Step 4: prepare materials

With a miter saw I cut all the boards needed for the construction and then achieved a nice smooth finish with a grinder.

Shop online or go to the nearest Home Depot and choose your favorite color from the Olympic Elite collection. The Olympic Elite collection contains “colorful technology” and “all-climate” protection. what does that mean to you? This means a one-step finish that leaves a rich color and protects your project from all elements outdoors.

When building an outdoor project, I prefer to apply my Olympic Elite Stain / Sealer before assembling. This ensures that all parts of the board are properly protected. Olympic Elite Stain is very easy to use and can be easily applied with a brush, roller or sprayer. Just make sure you work in a well ventilated area.

Step 5: create components

This is a simple build, which essentially consists of three basic builds. a large box, a small planting box and a simple shelf. Each of these builds is repeated three times.

The last required element is the plant ring holder. I used six 6 inch Vigoro planting rings for this design and I love them. The contrast of the matt black to the Olympic elite “American Chestnut” makes my heart beat faster.

Step 6: post & assembly

We are so close to completing this final terrace renovation project. Now only the components mounted above have to be installed on four posts. Before you get Gung-Ho, I recommend taking a few extra minutes to mark the back of the four posts with the dimensions you want for the box, planter, bar, ring holders, and poles.

When assembling, start with one side of the structure and work your way through.

Once all of the poles, planters, ledges and ring holders are installed, turn the entire unit over and attach the large boxes to the base of the posts.

Step 7: bring everything together

It is now the moment we have all been waiting for. It’s time to bring this whole plan together and breathe new life into this otherwise simple back terrace.

Just look at how inviting this back terrace is now. Don’t you just love the rich dark “ebony” color of the newly renovated rocking chairs?

What about this beautiful wood grain that jumps through the warm stain color that is accentuated by the black reflections that unite the entire room? Doesn’t it just warm your heart? I am thrilled with the result and the new knowledge of how I can properly tackle outdoor projects. All in all, I will call this refreshing of the terrace an absolute success.

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