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Pascal Obispo’s net worth: Pascal Obispo is a French singer and songwriter who has a net worth of $ 40 million. He is best known for having released several No. 1 albums in France.

Pascal Obispo was born in Bergerac, Dordogne, Nouvelle-Aquitaine, France in January 1965. His musical styles include pop, rock and progressive rock and he plays the piano and the bass guitar. Obispo released his first studio album Le long du fleuve in 1990 and the album Plus que tort au monde in 1992. He released the album A day like today in 1994. Pascal Obispo released the Superflu albums in 1996 and Soledad in 1999 and both reached No. 1 in France. Obispo Studio Fan’s albums – Live Fan in 2004 and Les fleurs du bien in 2006 both reached first place in France and Belgium. His album Welcome the Magic World by Captain Samourai Flower was released in 2009 and reached No. 1 in Belgium and No. 2 in France. His album Millésimes in 2013 and Billet de femme in 2016 both reached first place in France and Belgium.

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