Pamela Anderson Lists Modern Custom-Built Malibu Mansion In Gated Community For $15 Million

Men of a certain age (35+), like myself, were thanks to the introduction of manhood in the mid-1990s, which goes a long way on bikini-clad Pamela Anderson and her slow-paced beach. , Which can be seen every week in the iconic series, “Baywatch”. Many of us 35+ men have long fantasized about sleeping in Pamela’s bedroom. And now, for a low price of $ 15 million, some lucky person can finally make that dream come true. Unfortunately, Palm is not included in the sale price.

This week Pamela listed her long Malibu mansion for $ 14.9 million. She bought the property for $ 1.8 million in 2000 and went on to spend a decade and $ 8 million, the custom-building 5,500-square-foot modern-style mansion not on the seaside, but on the street from the seaside homes. Is beyond

Pam first tried to sell the house back in 2013. After not getting her then desired price of $ 7.75 million, she converted it into a rental. For the past 8 years it has leased $ 50-60,000 dollars in the summer months and $ 40,000 a month for the long term. According to an interview given in late 2020, Pam hired a long-term tenant paying $ 40,000 per month for the last two years.

Here is a video tour of the impressive house from the previous entry:

The house is located in the ultra-exclusive Malibu Colony Gated Community, which some say is the most desirable address for all Malibu.

Pam moved to the gated community in 2000 after an unpleasant experience with a fan in her former home, a beachfront property that was also in Malibu.

For years Pam was angry with fans who walked right from the sand to the edge of her former house to catch the pinnacle of the star.

These troubles took a dangerous and frightening turn in 2001.

In March 2001, a 27-year-old French woman traveled from France to Malibu. After locating Pam’s home, Stalker rang the doorbell. When no one answered, the woman barged into Pam’s house and proceeded to live there for three days. When Pam finally came home, she walked into the guest bedroom in hopes of changing a sheet for her father who was coming later that day.

As she entered the guest room, sheet in hand, Pamela found the woman lying in bed. Worse, Stalker had spread the rumor through Pam’s closet, found an iconic show-used red Baywatch bathing suit and put it on. She was still wearing it when Pam came home and found her in bed.

The woman was holding a letter which read clearly:

I’m not a lesbian, I just want to touch you.

After that untoward incident, Pam decided to go to the street in the Malibu Colony of the street, where it is more difficult for the common people to walk only to homes or to the beach without being told by community guards.

At some point Pam grew tired of her colony mansion and Malibu in general. That is why the house has been rented to a large extent for the last eight years. At the time, Pam took a bit of a worldwide jump, dating Julian Assange, who was south of France, while living in England. Today she is living full-time in an island in British Columbia, where she owns a six-acre property.

She actually bought Canadian property decades ago from her grandmother. Pam’s parents lived in a cabin on the ground before she was born. He was also married there. Today Pam has transformed the property into a private personal sanctuary. As a pet and animal advocate, she recently turned a barn into an animal rescue.

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