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Palawan Island Philippines: The Most Exotic Place on Earth

Palawan Island Philippines: The Most Exotic Place on Earth

If you’re searching for a unique place to spend a holiday concerning climate, these Philippines Island is the ideal destination.

Palawan Island is the biggest Island. The Island is like a dessert that’s under development. Thus it is possible to enjoy the jungle, mountains and white beaches. Palawan Island is called “The Last Ecological Frontier of the Philippines.” The northern part is characterized by obvious waters, white beaches and lots of species of flora and fauna. To the north of this Island, you will find most visited areas like El Nido and Taytay. Characterized by limestone cliffs and lots of species of tropical fish, coral and five species of endangered sea turtles. This is a wonderful tropical destination to relax and enjoy.

Palawan Island Philippines
Palawan Island Philippines

Best things to do in Palawan Island

Honda bay provides an island hopping tour which will make your holiday dreams comes true. You will explore Cowrie Island, Luli Island, Starfish Island, and Verda Island where the famous Dos Palmas resort is situated. These islands offer out of the world white sand beaches with turquoise water so beautiful that you may find a little emotional. You can spend the entire day island hopping in Honda Bay, where you’ll have the chance to snorkel, explore the Island and splash around in the water. These excursions provide lunch and snacks for your trip.

Linapacan Islands

If you would like to go off the grid and have a real blast, set sail into the Linapacan islands. This group of 52 untouched islands lies in the seas between Corona and El Nido. This Island has been featured in a list of areas with the clearest waters in the world. Tourists can enjoy activities such as snorkeling, diving, and underwater photography.

Estrella Falls is a friendly diving pool of the waterfall on the Island flowing down towards Victoria Peak. These 20 feet rapid drops rush off a rocky ledge dividing to two waterfalls as they fill a fresh blue bowl below. From the crystal clear pool, the water keeps flowing downstream into two pools of varying depths. There’s a whole lot of room to play and splash around.

Pearl out of clams and oysters are found on the beaches of Palawan. Pearls of shapes, sizes, and colors can be seen on this Island. Due to their abundance, you can find these pearls for relatively low costs.

Iwahig River Firefly kayaking

Mix things up a little with a nighttime adventure on the water where you can kayak beneath the stars with luminous trees filled with magical fireflies around you. The Fireflies fly from tree to tree light up a path the same manner as Tinker Bell in their way. When you appear in the Palawan ecotourism center, the manuals will give everyone a quick holiday lesson on the land. You will all wear your life jackets, have a paddle, and collectively will practice paddling. This adventure is ideal for any individual of any age, even children.

Best time to see Palawan Island

Make sure to check Palawan Island weather before you reserve your tickets. Travelers intending to head out to Palawan must know that rainy season is too long that can be avoided. The dry season is somewhat humid. The best time to plan a holiday to Palawan is early March as the weather is hot and bearable and the rains would have tapered off by then.

There’s a lot which you could do on Palawan Island tours. Tourists, who visit regularly, assert that Palawan island nightlife has to be experienced at least once in a lifetime. Here are some of the many thrilling activities you can indulge throughout your Palawan island vacations.

Diving through the reefs:

The Tubbataha Reef National park is under a treasure trove of the very exotic and gorgeous coral reef. Rising in the volcanic depths of the sea, these magnificent atolls encircle a bewildering and stupefying diversity of marine life. This underwater refuge is the first National Marine Park in the Philippines and has also been declared as a UNESCO world heritage site.

Tabon cave is the best spot for an off-beaten path adventure. The caves are situated in Quezon city in South Palawan. It’s an important archaeological site. History lovers are sure to enjoy exploring the cave formations and studying more about the archaeology of the Tabon cave complex.

Eat locally:

Palawan restaurants are considered among the very best in the Philippines. Since they appeal to global food choices and tastes and dish out both locals and international cuisines in a rustic and comfortable ambiance. These restaurants add appeal to your holiday and guarantee a unique Palawan experience. Reef cafe and Tambok’s El Nido are a few of the restaurants that serve up a gastronomical experience which ranges from spicy street food to Filipino delicacies.

Siete Pecados Coron has beautiful beaches, lagoons, and lakes. The Island is renowned for its many dive sites but for people who don’t dive there are great places to go snorkeling in. One such destination is Siete Picados. On its surface, you will see rock formations jutting out of the water. As soon as you put in your snorkeling gear and jump in, you’ll get to see many coral and fishes.

Long Rock is a natural formation located to the north of Puerto Princess which is beautiful, wild and makes a funny sound when you tap it. Ugong Rock Adventure is a tour company that has built a triple threat of exhilarating fun about that creation and vacationers love it. You can crawl in and out of stone caves, climb up to the zip line as it takes you through the jungle at high speed and treks through the forest that leads to amazing views.

Must-see spots:

Ulugan Bay provides ecotourism at its finest. Proceed guided boat tours along mangroves of Bahile River, sail; try snorkeling, diving, trekking. You can also climb to the view deck on the summit at Ugong stone or go for a picnic on a beach.

Bacuit Bay offers many magnificent sights. Hidden lagoons and deserted beaches filled with life and color promise a well-remembered adventure.

Although the Island is underdeveloped, it still provides some fabulous vacation spots. Terrific paths to make the best of your holiday spots, whichever part of the world you’re coming from.

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