Pakistani Court Grants Pre-Arrest Bail to Imran Khan

An anti-terrorism court in Lahore on Friday granted pre-arrest bail to former Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan in three cases filed against him after his arrest on May 9.

The court, while granting bail till June 2, also directed the 70-year-old Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) chief to become a part of the investigation.

Khan was arrested on May 9 after he led a rally in Islamabad to demand the dissolution of the National Assembly and fresh elections. The rally turned violent, and several police officers were injured.

Khan was subsequently charged with inciting violence and terrorism. He has denied the charges.

The court’s decision to grant pre-arrest bail to Khan is a major victory for the PTI. It is seen as a sign that the courts are independent and that Khan will not be arrested without due process of law.

The decision is also a setback for the current government, which had been seeking Khan’s arrest. The government had accused Khan of inciting violence and terrorism, and it had said that he needed to be arrested to ensure law and order.

The court’s decision is likely to further polarize Pakistani politics. Khan’s supporters are likely to see it as a victory for democracy, while his opponents are likely to see it as a sign that he is above the law.

It remains to be seen what impact the court’s decision will have on the political situation in Pakistan. However, it is clear that the decision is a major development, and it is likely to be closely watched by the international community.

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