Here’s when the OnePlus 8T could launch

The OnePlus 8T is slated to hit the market next month. According to reports, an online launch similar to the OnePlus Nord can be expected. There is no indication that the 8T is supported by the 8T Pro. According to new information, the OnePlus 8T will hit the market on …

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Take Your Pick For That Coastal Vacay In 2020!

Coastal Vacay In 2020

The mighty oceans are not only magnanimous in looks but also have a plethora of locales hidden in their bounty. Far away from the mainland, these waterscapes pose as a natural escapade for everyone looking for a quick detox. As you slowly travel from the hustle-bustle of the country life …

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US bans WeChat, TikTok from app stores

US bans WeChat TikTok from app stores: The U.S. government said it would ban TikTok until September 15 if an agreement wasn’t reached by then. The emerging video platform then announced a partnership with Oracle pending US approval. Unfortunately, that doesn’t seem enough to save it from sanctions. The US Department …

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