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How to Pack Big Furniture for a Moving

How to Pack Big Furniture for a Moving

Pack Big Furniture: Want to know some insider tips and tricks to move like a pro? Take a notebook and a pen and prepare to write down every tip we’re going to discuss below. Today we’re revealing some very useful tips you have never heard of if you’re not a professional mover. So, if you want to avoid stress, but organize an effective moving process without damaging your stuff, read the article.

Pack Big Furniture
Pack Big Furniture

If you’re not sure about the best way to pack big furniture pieces you have at home, we’ll tell you how to do it exactly. But first of all, let’s answer one simple question. What is a professional moving? A professional moving is an ability to organize a relocation process in a way to save time, money, and all the stuff you want to keep safe and sound. This means that if you’re not a mover yourself, you need to hire one to get professional help from an expert like in any other activity, which you’re not professional in.

This is the same way as with hiring a builder or a driver if you can’t build a house or drive a car by yourself. Of course, you will spend some money on professional services. But it won’t be as expensive as buying a new furniture piece if you will damage it during loading or unloading without professional help. By the way, bigger moving companies always have different kinds of bonuses and quotes like https://movers.best/online-moving-quote/ for their customers, so you always have a chance to save extra money.

And now, let’s look at what you can do for yourself, preparing your furniture before the movers come.

Preparing Heavy Furniture

So, what to do when it comes to packing your favorite sofa and a couple of big, soft chairs?

Moving big furniture
Moving big furniture

If you want to keep a similar interior in your new house, take the picture of your old arrangements. This will help you to easily remember what goes where when you unload the furniture;

The best way to pack your sofa, chairs and glass console table by yourself is by using some soft materials. You will need a few packing blankets, microfoam, tape, and shrinkwrap;

The first thing you should pay attention to when packing your sofa is the legs. They, as well as upholstery, always should be protected;

Wrap the whole sofa with shrinkwrap around before using a blanket. This will protect the furniture from the moisture outside, keeping it clean and dry. But forget about the shrinkwrap if your sofa is made from leather. Skip it and go to blankets directly;

Then use the blankets to cover the furniture completely. Always pay extra attention to the legs and other wooden details your furniture contains. Make sure they are 100% covered;

In the end, tape around each piece of furniture to keep the blankets together. That’s all.

Now, you ready to call the movers to take your sofa and chairs to the truck and safely deliver them to your new house.

If you need help packing your larger pieces of furniture, most removal companies will help you. If you’re looking for a removal company, I would recommend you to take a look at Shiply to see what removal companies can offer you, then you can make a decision based on which one suits you best.

Hopefully these tips will help you and you can move with ease to your new house.

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