Pacify your anger!

Pacify your anger!

All human beings are full of anger these days. Everyone shows their rage either towards their juniors, ladies, children, or towards their near and dear ones. Not to mention, we all are aware of it’s after effects. But still we are not able to control it. It would explain much better if I say that we don’t have time to even think of controlling our anger.

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This hard-paid-off anger leaves us with no friends or even close relations. To deal with this upcoming hard fury here is 8 points which will help you get control over your anger and very much help in gaining more friends and relatives.

Count the numbers: we all are aware of counting numbers and we should not deny its importance while dealing with the monster, anger. Whenever, you get angry, start counting from 1 to 10 numbers slowly, and at the same time focus on the number. So when next time you are filled up with anger try this formula and it will definitely help you a lot.

Exercise: Exercise is not only helpful in maintaining the health but, also helps in controlling the anger. Every day walk, yoga and exercise help keeping the mind calm and cool and this undoubtedly is helpful in controlling fury.

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Take a break: Not only children but, we all people need to take a break from our daily boring and repeated schedule. Whenever you feel stressed up steal some time to spend with yourself. This will aid in dealing with more stressful work with ease.

Feasible solution: Try to analyze you anger points, i.e. the points or factors which are responsible for raising your temperature. For example, if the heavy traffic on the road brim up your anger and you get angry on reaching late to the desired place, then it’s advisable to leave your place before time so that heavy traffic may not lead to raise your annoyance.

Add-on forgiveness to your nature: you don’t have to forgive a person because he deserves it, but you have to forgive him because you want to gain mental peace. The person, whom you are angry, may not be affected by your anger, whereas, you will be badly affected by your own anger. You will fill up with negativity and unnecessarily increase your blood pressure.

Humor: Needless to say, that humor plays a vital role in controlling your anger. Try to develop this quality in yourself. The humorous people take less of stress and are not swift to get involved in any kind of rage. They handle such situation quickly and easily. In addition, humor aids in keeping stress at bay. Humorous people are capable of keeping stress away from them, needless to say it helps them in dealing with the worst situation as well.

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look up for the technique which helps in keeping you cool. Knowing is not sufficient, you should practice these cool techniques in your daily life also. If sometimes you feel that your anger is rising, then you should opt for simple and valuable procedure like getting involved in any hobby. Listen music, play an instrument or go for a leisure walk choose anything which suits you the best at that very moment of antagonism. This will help in relaxing you and loose up your tensed brain.

Expert advice: last but not the least, little bit of anger is present in all of us but, when someone feels that his/her anger is increasing and the person is not able to control it then he should look up for an expert advice. Try consulting a counselor who will help you to minimize the anger.

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