Overnight Honey Olive Oil Hair Mask Recipe and Benefits

Overnight Honey & Olive Oil Hair Mask Recipe and Benefits

Olive Oil and Honey Overnight Hair Mask Recipe

Natural hair mask is essential for providing deep nourishment to the hair and to give the hair immense moisturization. With pollution, sun exposure and chlorinated water can also damage the hair. Hair can become dry and damaged with no shine and luster. At times, we get tempted to try the store bought hair masks and products. But we all know that they contain chemicals and other harsh products that may not be good for long term use. Here we will be sharing one of the best honey & olive Oil hair mask recipe and Benefits which will transform your dry, damaged and shine less hair into healthier looking lustrous mane.

How to prepare Overnight Honey Olive Oil Hair Mask

You will need 3 products

Olive oil


Hair cap

Overnight Honey Olive Oil Hair Mask Recipe and Benefits

Procedure to make and apply Honey Olive Oil Hair Mask

  • Just mix 2 teaspoonful of honey with 5 teaspoonful of olive oil. Mix all of them well.
  • Comb the hair and section the hair by making small partings. Apply this olive oil and honey mixture.
  • Apply that all over the hair even if you do not apply the mixture on the scalp that is fine.
  • Once you have applied this hair mask/pack all over the hair, then tie the hair in a bun and wear the hair cap.
  • You must be wondering why the hair cap is used. Actually this treatment not only contains oil but honey as well that can spoil the pillow and bed sheet thus it will be better we wear hair cap for safety.
  • Keep this hair mask overnight and wash in the morning with shampoo but you should also condition the hair which will also moisturize your dry hair further.

Overnight Honey Olive Oil Hair Mask Recipe and Benefits5

Who should use this Honey Olive oil Hair Mask

Men and women who have sun damaged dry hair which are unmanageable and gets knotty after the shampooing.

Hair which are limpy and do not have any bounce can also try this hair mask since olive oil is deeply nourishing and honey will give body and bounce to the hair. You can also read about our best egg hair masks and packs

People with hair that has become dry or rough after long swimming pools with in chlorinated water can also try this overnight olive oil and honey mask due to its qualities that will deeply condition the hair.

Girls who have got some damage due to the extreme usage of chemical like hair colors, hair sprays etc.

Or the women who do a lot of heat styling by using hair curling and hair straightening iron. They should also use this deep conditioning mask once in a week to improve the quality of the hair.

This honey olive hair mask also improves the texture of the hair thus can be tried by girls who wish to improve their hair texture and shine. Do read the best overnight coconut oil hair masks

Benefits of this Honey Olive oil Hair mask for shinier hair

This hair mask provides shine to the hair and also gives strength.

The strength that this overnight hair mask gives will keep the hair fall also in control but for that you should also take balanced diet since hair fall or hair loss is also related with that rather than just applying external treatments.

This has deep conditioning hair treatment so you should also use this to cure your split ends which happen due to sun exposure in case of like people who work in field jobs etc.

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